The Sea's Fish



the realization of a man, working to overcome obstacles.

The Sea’s Fish

By: Tajh Jabari



The Sea’s Fish


Yesterday’s promises had a paralyzing effect on the climate of my ever changing beauty. She the head and I the foot would never be more connected. These connections they spite us. The motivation of the relay, the blockade or aid. Yet, I only ever imagine what mindset she must have. I imagine her wonderment regarding the places I have stepped. Does gravity or some form of perpetual constant change allow or deny us. Too many questions to be answered. So until we meet again.

I sit alone facing my once appropriate silhouette. It has since ruined me. I need no followers no extra carriage to worry about. Why does my shadow force its existence upon me? Only in the day however. In the day, where I can thoroughly see my way. Truly cowardice, my shadow. When the light shines opposite my stance and sight becomes nuance. I can only imagine a shadows glee. I remain left behind must now push forward, sightless.

The testament of my age, my feet, my hands. They perform like rings seen from bisecting a tree. To bisect the length of hazard or length of joy I have been subjected to see my hands, realize my feet. Control set the precautionary measures aside for I control the hazard. Both foot and hand accomplish the trend of the tide. Tools equipped to never allow control to control me. Tools equipped to never allow hazard to hazard me. Yet, if not for them I would face no tragedy. All those greater things I become determined to conquer never respected my hands, my feet. My beauty she needs hands she needs feet. As a consequence of her relinquishing strength. She must fight to manage her ferocity and tame her totality. In her lacking of weakness it becomes the inadequate conquerors duty to personify the sea.


Yesterday I was promised a fish. I waited for my fish to arrive. Upon thinking of the fish I prepared plates. Dish after dish fill my cupboard and the aroma of seasonings fill my kitchen. As I await the fish more is to be understood about any paralyzing effect that occurred. My promises had been thwarted. A rain fell so heavy a wind blew so strong no achievement was made. No fish would be delivered to me.

If there were weariness in strength take heed, the ideas of perseverance would surely provide a portion of ego. To show for an amount of sacrifice I decide what is to be lost. A tragic tale of misconception. I have not allowed the weariness it was set upon me. Given by none other than my confidence. I have not realized my strength. Only in achievement, defeating my weariness would I realize my strength. Caution surely subsides at a given point whether I possess it or not. I agree on the forces of nature. In regards to myself things remain unknown; whether my ability to defy these forces will leave me foe. It is now time for me to agree on my strength.

To land a fisherman, to land a fish. To catch a predator, or realize prey. To understand your weakness, set your strengths at odds. Foregoing caution I embark upon the ocean to land fish. A fight beginning. The first motion, to prepare the vessel. I prepare the tools necessary to ensure victory. Victory being the greatest necessity, I have no stored victory. Proceeding with motive I proceed without caution. I proceed unto a vast utopia of self-similarity. The water falls unto the water beneath seamlessly and without regard. Although justifiably with purpose. Me, I did not arrive at this junction with failed purpose but my victory is far from sight, unfathomably deep, at depths I must reach, with tools unconcerned, and success as unforeseeable as the sky where my shadow lurks.

I cast lures. As far as they must go. Each bait unconcerned with its own strength. Those paralyzed bait riddle the sea with irony. Once unable to grace these seas with their own prosperity now to become the catalyst in prosperity's search. Now to decide. Now! A jolt strikes from a lure cast its base hooked to my vessel parked on this portrait of liquid fluidity. My reaction, as energetic as the shadow that lay beneath. Another coward, does he lurk until vision is plausible and light shines. The seas hindrance as allusive as my own. Or does a light give him sight toward prosperity? Working like two halves against a new formidable opponent. Too many questions to be answered. Until we meet again.

My hands grab the lure. My feet planted at the meeting place between hardwood deck and rubber soled boot on a frictionless field. My blind ambition pushes and pulls struggles with force until I am pulled adrift into the sea herself.

Feet kicking, Hands paddling, laughably brought closer to my goal I am again paralyzed in weakness. I surely am alone, desperate, savage. Again, I must realize my concern. I must realize my choice, my weaknesses, if my strengths are to persevere.

Yet, in this moment my thoughts alter to my shadow’s effect. Does he now steer the vessel, while manning the alternative lures. As I remain sightless is he being guided by some light that shines above? Where lie his concerns? Approaching the surface I hope the sun is out and my shadow has once proved worth. Sightless, I swim in surrounding ocean.

Upon my boarding I realize my vessel has remained in a condition similar to the launch of my voyage. All those tools packed for victory continue their aloof ways. Unconcerned and without duty or responsibility they help little. My hands and feet frozen from the sea.


I began to look back my vessel headed toward shore. My P.O.V. allows any prosperity. The shadows, the weakness are at fault for my lack of victory? Or is any realization of true weakness only possible when pitted against a true strength?


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