What’s NOT in the DSM: Manic Symptoms



Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder Experienced but not in the DSM: https://clinpsychsite.wordpress.com/2017/02/21/whats-not-in-the-dsm-bipolar-symptoms/


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Appetite loss

While the DSM mentions the possibility of appetite loss during depression, it does not do the same for mania.

I could go the entire day before realizing that I didn’t have a single thing to eat!

Is it just me?

“Marbles” also mentioned this, so it makes me think that I’m not alone here.


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Weight loss:

As with the previous statement, weight loss is mentioned only for depression.

What about mania?

What caused me to lose 15 pounds without even trying?

Was it the loss of appetite? The excessive energy? Possibly a faster metabolism (if depression slows down metabolism and mania is the opposite, perhaps it speeds up)?




Has research gone into the appetite and weight aspects of mania? I think it would be interesting to investigate!



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