Journals of a Psychopath.



Rheanna Clarkson's long suffering girlfriend and mother to his son.

The Purifiers and the Darkest-One

My man-fluid jetted over her torso and the climax grand. Unchaining Courtney and she whimpered.
      “Your misery is my reward.”
Carrying Courtney and I bolstered her against the Purifier.
      “Drown her,” the Orator said.
Forcing her cranium down onto the ice-capped water and it busted when Courtney’s skull hit the ice, Courtney convulsed. The reply instant, I immersed her head into the water, and I laughed until she expired devoid of drama. The Purifiers and the Darkest-One knew that my performance was good I discerned it by the stillness of the Trees as they peered. Sipping the bourbon, her body burned in the middle of the pyre, the Journal fell from my lap. Hollowing out a massive hole, I shovelled some of her remains on the spade. Tossing the residue in the dirt and they were horrific. Commending the Purifiers and the Darkest-One by adulation and praise, they smiled I was purified. Deeming about the sacrifice of Courtney, the time she was alongside me, Courtney had been an excellent choice.


Pacing up and down the breakfast room, the windows reflected the gloom outside a dispirited pessimism filled the farmhouse and penetrated my mood.
      “You slept with Jayne.”
I denied it emphatically Rheanna demonstrated sadness and a wild streak of distrust.
      “Clarkson I am with your child.”
      “Jayne brought her car in and that is all there is nothing going on.”
      “You fixed my car.”
      “Jayne is a gorgeous woman, yes I admit it, I have sexed with her, and I will continue to nail Jayne.”
The silence penetrated the air and it was rife with negative emotion. The tick of the clock spread through my brain. Banging my fingers against the polished table, the phone began to ring it was Jayne Rhea became motionless. Jayne invited me to her house and Rhea strode around the room when I told her where I was going. Caldwell slipped into the den.
“What is going on?” He asked.
      “Father Clarkson is seeing another woman.”
      “I would ban you from my house, but Rheanna thinks she needs you,” Caldwell replied.
      “Please do not consider getting rid of Clarkson?” Rhea asked.

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