Spider in Its Web (Excerpt)



Sheena saw dead bodies hanging by satin scarfs and there was no one who had called this out; is she insane or is it just another play of her mind?


It was 4 am in the morning now and Sheena was still in trauma when her mother held her and took her to the bed somehow. The gaze stuck at the window of her room while her mother was trying really hard to keep her eyes open and understand what had happened to her daughter who was an epitome of strong. The doorbell rang at 6 in the morning and as Sheena’s mom pulled her hand gently out of Sheena’s she looked at her to shout, “don’t open the door....please don’t open the door. They will kill us, they will kill you and me; and then hang us with satin clothes round our necks....”

“What” her mother was horrified at Sheena’s words but maintained calm to tell Sheena “My dear, who will kill us? It is the hawker at the door...”

“No Maa, we will be hung too....our bodies will hang suspended in the air just like theirs...”

“Whose bodies and what are you talking about? Are you out of your mind?”

The door-bell rang again.

“Coming” said Sheena’s mother while Sheena held her hand further more tightly and tried hiding behind the pillows lying next to her. Her mother opened the door to see two men standing at the brim with Sheena’s photo in their hand.

“Have you seen her Ma’am?”

“No, never seen her. Don’t know who she is...Does she live nearby? Has she done something?”

“Oh no Ma’am...Thank you for the information.”

The next thing she did after closing the door was call Sheena’s uncle in Maldives to send her away!

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