Blind Faith-Nice to meet you.



Chapter ! Blind Faith how i found it.

First things first my fingers are just going so sense this may not make you get me i'm excited. It is just booming out of me right now with not a care for wether people actually have anything to with excistance i'm not ignorant i welcome anybody to read my words and to enjoy them and hate them all you want all at the same time i'll tell you for why once you feel a feeling from anything it's yours to deal. I have the power of exaggerated description i have my imaginaion i have my memory's i have the burning energy from keeping it all locked up inside i do feel i am going to be physically sick i haven't even thought of the words for this yet i've just got the plot.

I'll tell you what lead to me finding BF. Quick flick i was born on the 16th October 1985 i followed my baby brother who died at 6 weeks old time frame dodgy. In the three years that followed my Mother gave birth to two other children my two younger sisters but two weeks after my youngest sister was born my Mother died. Later there was a court case between my Dad and my Grandparents my Grandparents won and we went to live with them now let's zoom forward. Right now i have to speak of the jubbly feeling inside because this is an experience i'm never going to forget me writing this now as you read what i have already written as i hope that somebody will read what i am writng as we have travelled the timeline of memories my memories are in my mind my mind is a parellel universe connected to the universe we live in it's a story for another time.

Zoom back a bit i am 25 years old my Grandad has been passed away a year and a few months i'm unemployed i'm zombified i really had tried i need to do something it couldn't of all been for nothing. I was in the back garden actually pegging out the washing inside rock bottom heavy numb i couldn't think of a single idea i'd given everything and then i stopped my arms fell to my side it was a nice day it was sunny and i had a clear blue sky fill my eyes as i looked up.. Now i'm not gonna start singing hallelujah this is not a story of finding anything specific. I looked up and i gave in to anything i opened my heart to anything and this is what i said not out loud but from inside. "Go on then if whatever's there anything do something... just give me a little bit please a little something just to.. just to let me know just give  and i'll grab it and i'll run with it and i won't stop i'll just keep going till i drop". Then i took a deep breathe and i looked around the garden then i finished peggin the washing out went to me room then i sat down and started listening to my music.

And that's when it all began.



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