Hyde Park



The 5th story I wrote, I was sitting at the computer when this story just, well typed its self. I don't recall writing it. But once I read what I had written and fixed it here and there, this was what was the end result.

Once upon a time in a land far far away, a lion called Fay and a troll called Patty. They became friends after Fay came to Patty's aid when she was bullied by three monkeys in a city park.

The bullies were pushing and pulling Patty around and saying mean things.
Fay came to the recue. She opened her mouth and let out a roar that could be herd on the other side of the city.

The monkeys who were frightened ran away. This left Patty crying; Fay went to Patty’s side and asked if she was ok. Patty looked at Fay she thanked her for chasing the bullies away. Then she ran home.

Days went by and Fay was again walking through the park, and found the mean monkeys picking on Patty once again, this time Fay got really mad and roared loudly and chased them away. Fay returned to Patty and with a smile “hello I’m Fay, your safe now they want bother you no more.”

“Thank you, I’m Patty.”
The days passed as Fay tort Patty how not to let the silly things the monkeys were saying bother her.

So when Patty was walking through the park to meet up with Fay for a picnic, the silly monkeys started to pick on her again. But this time Patty just ignored them and kept walking.

The monkeys followed her and kept up with the entire name calling, but Patty just kept on walking. The monkeys got bored of her not saying anything so they went to the other end of the park to play at the play ground.

Patty felt very pleased with her self and enjoyed her picnic lunch with her friend.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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