Journals of a Psychopath



Taylor must watch out Clarkson has her in his sights.


I began to hunt and my hopes were high, my gut told me this time it would be okay.”
      “Search further,” the Trees and the Archangel instructed.
The Purifiers and the Darkest-One swayed.
      “This time you must get it right,” they said.
One window snatched my attention and the silvery-blonde-haired chick sat in a chair, the woman’s delicate face was angled towards her laptop. Her body was mid-size and I saw her mammary glands were not encased in a bra.
      “Smithson is ready to work with you completely now,” The Trees and the Archangel said.
The Woodlander Figures ordained Smithson's full membership and I was eager to inform him, he was steady, and more than able to meet the tasks required.

The Family Farm

Galloping upstairs and Smithson stirred as I touched him he opened his eyes.
      “The Trees and the Darkest-One told me it is time for your complete involvement with the surrenders and you will be purified with me.”
Springing from the bed and dancing enthusiastically, I jigged alongside Smithson it was a joyous occasion. Rhea was nowhere to be seen, the last thing I needed was Rheanna going on concerning the corruption of Smithson. Smithson fell onto his knees rocked back and forth.
      “My calling will be exemplary I will please the Trees and the Archangel,” he said.


Wandering outside, slithering to the floor, her panties scrunched. My man-weapon invaded Merle’s woman-part.
      “I must leave,” I said.
She pulled up her panties and strode into Rileys. Following Merle, she slipped into her coat.
      “It is always a puzzle you come to me then leave as quickly as you can. However, anytime you need me you know where I am,” Merle said.
Merle was worth keeping on side, she had a few contacts I could need in the future. I knew Merle was upset about my exit.
      “Next time I will stop over,” I said.


I saw Rheanna leave I wanted to see if she was seeing Perry. Scurrying into his car and he jammed his foot on the gas-pedal, he rode from the Pit Stop. Speeding after him, I saw him stop. A car was waiting it was Merle’s. Motoring adjacent to him, he jumped when he saw me, so did Merle, I said nothing, just sat in the car, and Pep shifted in his seat. I speculated as to how Perry knew Merle, I remembered, I introduced Perry to her a long time ago, and I was enraged by Perry’s behavior, he did not have the balls to tell me concerning his duplicity. It was a question of ownership and Perry crossed all of the borders that I held close.

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