Red Saints: Josie Chronicles Part 1



Scene from Red Saints: Josie Chronicles Part 1. Anjelica takes 2 victims.


CU. ANGELICA's hand selecting a song.

As the music starts, a man and his girlfriend sit waiting in anticipation.

ANGELICA dances seductively to the music, tracing a finger down each of their faces.

ANGELICA places a knee between each of their legs, hovering over both of them, playing to each of them equally.

ANGELICA gently moves the girlfriend's hair behind her ear, and runs her hand over the boyfriend's chest while she uses him for support to move in close to the girl.

ANGELICA pulls the girlfriend's head back by her hair with playful force, and grips firmly onto the boyfriend's chest; her head placed between the couple.

The boyfriend, unable to see their contact in detail takes the moment to rest his head back on the chair and feel her hand on his chest.

He opens his eyes and sees ANGELICA, gazing down over him, smiling with fangs exposed and fresh blood in her mouth.

ANGELICA lunges down on him and attacks before his eyes believe what they are seeing or before he can utter a sound.

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