*Halloween In Ozark*



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Richie got up with Roxanne and stepped down to the main floor.
The duo walked past various activities, such as pin the tail on the donkey, a piñata, and the table of appetizing entrées displayed as human organs, insects and other unfavorable tastes.
“So what do you think Roxy?”
She looked around, analyzing the possible outcomes of each activity when a voice behind her interrupted her thoughts.
“You two want to bob for apples?”
Roxanne turned around and saw the Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Gayle, standing in front of two large oak barrels filled with water. Each barrel had a variety of beautiful, perfectly ripe apples floating on the surface – some yellow, some green, and some red.
Roxanne’s attention was also pulled toward Veronica, who was standing to her left. The two girls looked at each other – the cheerleader with her skirt and sweater in matching school colors, and the rock star punk in her black lace tights, short black miniskirt and combat boots. The two were like oil and water. There was no respect shared, and they gazed down at the challenge before them.
Richie took a step back.
Troy looked at the girls and then at Richie.
“Go on babe, you can take her.”
“I know, I just don't want to mess up my makeup.”
“Do you think anyone will notice?”
“You're such a skank Roxanne.”
“And I thought Brittany was the prude between the two of you. Guess I was wrong.”
“Fine! If losing at some stupid game will shut you up then let's do it.”
The guys watched as Mrs. Gayle handed each girl a blindfold. Troy and Richie made sure the blindfolds were securely in place. The girls stood ready at the side of their barrel, awaiting the signal.
“On your marks.”
Roxanne tapped her fingernails on the rim of the barrel.
“Get set.”
Veronica shifted her weight, placing her knees on the outside of her barrel.




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