Waking Up Alone



Last night when I fell asleep, I think I dreamt about you..

Last night, when I fell asleep,

I think I dreamt about you,

You see,

It just seemed so perfect,

Like staring at a calm sea

There’s no room, no space,

Yet everything fell into place


But I didn’t get my hopes up,

We’ve been this way before,

You see,

Someone makes it awkward,

It seems it’ll never be,

So no hope, and no harm,

Just another false alarm


And I realised I miss you,

It’ll never be the same,

You see,

In my heart there’s a lock,

And only you hold the key,

Seems no call, no name

Only myself to blame


So I opened my eyes,

The world seems so dull,

You see,

The world’s so restricted,

With you, I feel free,

There’s no moon, yet no sun

The day’s just begun


And I believe that hell,

Isn’t all of what it seems,

You see,

I never looked at it like this before,

And that hell is to me,

Loving you in my sleep,

And waking up alone

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