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a reunion of old friends


Amy looked at her phone in disbelief she couldn't believe Marcy was calling her again it had been 10 years since they had seen each and their friendship hadn't ended well; what had their been about? She couldn't remember. "Hello..? Marcy? ughh it's been a long time... is everything alright? Yeah I've been doing alright. Yeah I got some time, yeah 5 o'clock sounds good, oh here let me give you my new address; yeah see you then." Amy hung up the phone and held it for awhile she was snapped back to reality by the barista trying to take her order. 

"Oh yeah sorry about that yeah a grande Java Chip" Amy gave the barista a crumpled 5 dollar bill and went to wait for her drink. Marcy and Amy had been best friends for most of their lives and had done everything together; Marcy had been the sister Amy never had; but that had been a long time ago before Marcy had found the love of her life.. yeah things hadn't been as smooth then; but still Amy had tried to make the best of it hadn't she? Amy shook her head she had to snap out of it she had her own present life to live. She grabbed her coffee and headed towards the city. 

Marcy hung up the phone and let out the breath she hadn't known she was holding; she had half hoped Amy would hang up on her; but she guessed Amy must not have changed that much. Marcy shivered it was an unusually cold day in LA and she had been in such a rush to leave home that she had forgotten she jacket. She picked up her suitcase put in the front seat and drove off. 

Amy fumbled around for keys she scolded herself how many times had she tried to remind herself to clean out her purse; just as she was about to pull out the entire contents of her bag when the door swung open. She looked up to see her boyfriend Carlos with his hands crossed his chest. Ugh Amy thought why did he always have to look so god damn put together all the time it was annoying. 

"Look before you even bother to lecture me I forgot to clean out my purse; I did not lose my key I'm sure it's in here somewhere; you gonna let me in now?" Carlos looked at Amy uncrossed his arms and let her in the house. "I told you I was going to clean the place today; gees why do you always got to be so god damn perfect all the time! It's friggin annoying!" Carlos knew better than to stop her when she was ranting he would just have to wait until she was done and wait for her to tell him what happened. Amy dropped her things with a loud Thud and began to pace the apartment. 

"Marcy called. Do you remember Marcy? Did you ever meet Marcy? She stopped talking to me for 10 years then she's got the fucking nerve to call me! I mean who the fuck does she think she is? I mean you just don't fucking stop talking to someone for 10 years then fucking call them; and expect them to answer." Carlos hugged her and walked her over to the couch. 

"Well it doesn't really matter because I'm the idiot who answered the phone and told her to come over. Ugh what the fuck do I say to her? Ugh I should call her and tell her I'm busy." Carlos took her phone and said, 

"You could call her or you could talk to her and get whatever answer you're looking for? I mean it was bugging you right? And look I know you hate it; but you can't help helping people; and besides all you have to do is listen to her right? If you honestly don't like what she says just tell her to leave. You're the one with the power here." Amy squeezed his hand and thanked whatever god had decided to bring Carlos into her life. There was a knock on the door. 

Amy went to the door and was stunned silent Marcy looked so different than she had remembered her. Had she lost weight? Did she get her hair straightened? Why the hell did she look so pale? 

"Umm hi Amy... it's been a long time... you look good... is it okay if I come in?" Amy stepped aside and let Marcy enter the apartment. "You've got a nice place.. oh sorry you didn't tell me you'd have someone over... maybe I should go. Amy slammed the door shut. "Well you're here now so you might as well sit down; and Carlos lives with me so he stays." Carlos kissed Amy on the cheek, squeezed her hand, and went inside their bedroom and shut the door. Amy reminded herself to yell at him later. The silence was deafening Amy wasn't sure what to do she had dreamed about the moment she would tell Marcy everything; that now it was here she didn't know where to start. Marcy cleared her throat and looked around the apartment she was surprised to see how clean it was.

"So why did you call me all of a sudden?" Ahh there it was Amy's amazing directness Marcy almost let out a chuckle Amy must be pretty worked up, Marcy thought. Mcarcy cleared her throat again 

"I'm sorry I called you out of the blue; but I really didn't have anyone else to call... I know I don't have the right to expect you to be nice to me; I really don't have anyone else left." Amy couldn't see any visible signs of abuse; and Marcy was being annoyingly calm it was pissing Amy off. 

"And who's fucking fault is that? I mean fuck Marcy you don't just fucking cut all ties with someone, then call them 10 years later and fucking expect them to happy to see you. Damn fucking right I don't have to be nice to you. Do you know what it felt like to have my sister tell me that you didn't want anything to do with me anymore? Do you how much that hurt? I mean you didn't even the decency to tell yourself! You know how I heard about your wedding? I had to here it from Facebook! You had absolutely no right to call me now. I mean what did you think would happen that you would call and I would leap at your feet like I used to do. In case you haven't noticed we aren't in high school anymore."

"You have every right to be mad at me and you're right I could have handled things a lot better than I did... and I know I should have called a long time ago. I know this fixes nothing but still I'm sorry for everything, for not telling you in person that I didn't want to see anymore, for not inviting you to the wedding... for all of it... deep down I've always known you didn't do anything wrong. I should have believed in you. But you he was the first person I had ever loved; I didn't want to lose him."

"Did something happen? I mean you wouldn't have called if shit was going great right? Are you in trouble? Do you need money? I would offer to help you bury the body; but you lost that privilege a long time ago." Marcy laughed she had forgotten how Amy always managed to exaggerate things. 



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