Journals of a Psychopath.



Together Clarkson and his son Smithson sacrifice women, and their mission is tp punish females with silvery blonde hair.

The Haven

Smithson’s eyes were vivid and he inspected, as the Lady Flarice awoke. She reached for her wine, as she swigged, her sculptured lips parted.
She yawned I saw Lady Flarice’s small tongue it was, as dainty, as her ears. Lady Flarice strolled into her yard and the cigarette glowed in the darkness. Her housecoat was purple and the color matched the black warm coat.
Drinking the wine from the bottle, gaping at her throat, as she swallowed, and I savored the moment.
      “Go to her house,” the Announcer said.
I was excited by the prospect of spending time with her and it did not matter how many times I was alongside Lady Flarice I never tired.

Lady Flarice’s House

Smithson skulked in Lady Flarice’s yard and I struck her door, it was spotlessly clean, my hands trembled, because she did not answer. Knocking again as loudly as possible and she released the door warily.
      “Hello what are you doing here?”
Lady Flarice’s voice was musical, my senses reeled, the desire to possess her became stronger, the Lady Flarice smiled, and I pushed down the identical detail nearly forming on my face. Earlier she talked in her sleep it involved me my name was uttered on her appealing lips.

The Farmstead

Elspeth let us in. I dashed through the door to the study, a bottle of wine was on the polished table, and nearly empty.
      “It is my father’s favorite,” Rhea said.
I did not comment, leaving the den, I reached the kitchen. Helping myself to quiche, and a bottle of champagne, I drank the syrupy liquid. When I joined her in the dining room, I sat on the floor, and ate the quiche.
      “I thought you had gone,” Rhea said.
My back was to her, Rhea's stare bored into me instead of the TV, my silver-blond hair was down, and my manly-tool dug into my belt.
       “Smithson is behaving as though he is insane,” she said.
       “My Father has taught me several things the highly valued information is that womenfolk are inferior to men. You are substandard, uneducated in the legislative laws governing you,” Smithson said when he walked into the room.
      “You should respect women.”
Smithson pushed her and she stumbled Rhea’s arm scuffed the wall.
      “Mother you cannot stop the process it is in motion and has gained strength.”
      “I note your accomplishment.”
      “Yeah I am happy with the progress and it has worked out as my father planned.”
Smithson seized Rhea's arm and propelled her across the room.
      “You ought to step away mother or you could injure yourself.”
Smithson waggled his cranium.
      “Are you threatening me?”
      “Yes nothing is allowed to hinder my role I am Smithson the absolute.”


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