A Memoriable Gift



A reflection from an unexpected encounter

The day was hot and the traffic moving slowly. My patience, almost on empty, like the gas gage I was staring down at. Music on the radio usually kept my mood uplifted, but today, not even playing the radio louder, helped penetrate my cranky spirit. My thoughts focused on my “To Do” list. As an interior designer and business owner the list is without end. I try to shut down my anxious thoughts that center around my goals by 5:00. Well, not always 5:00, but as soon as I enjoy a glass of red wine after a long day.

While day dreaming about relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine, I caught a glimpse of a four door white Honda Civic approaching on the drivers side. Taking my eyes off of the car in front of me, I quickly glanced at the passengers in the Honda. Sitting in the passenger seat, beside his mother, was a boy around the age of seven. We caught eyes and suddenly he beamed from ear to ear, and gave me a wave. It was as if he was saving that smile especially for me. Peace, joy, and a verve for life radiated out of him. In that brief moment, I felt awash with gratitude. The simple beautify of a genuine, wide eyed smile of a young boy disrupted my grumpy state and filled me with delight.

I drove on through the traffic, not seeing him again, realizing the gift given to me. Music, accomplishing tasks, or sipping on a delicious Merlot was not able to gain me the satisfaction and joy that transpired in that brief moment. I committed, not only to retaining the image in my mind’s eye, but, to reflect it more often myself.


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