Just Words...



Just words is not really a story it is just thoughts running through my head, when I listen to music.

Just Words...

February 19, 2016

by Tanya M. Henderson


 I think of you always, I feel like I am loosing you. Don't hurt me because I can't take anymore of the lies. I know that when we first got together and became friends we use to make music together. I don't want to be put down or hurt by you anymore. Why can't we be like before when we first become friends. Don't tell me anymore lies and stop talking because it always hurts.


Let's have summer now, I don't want to wait. I want to go to the beach in my bikini and go swimming. Come and surf the waves with me in Hawaii or anywhere we can find to go. At night we will have a beach party with the moon light glistening on the ocean. So let's have summer now.


The music is playing those memories again. I remember the first time when you kissed me and made me your girl. I fell in love with right at that moment that first date when you touched my hand. You were so sweet and treated me like a lady, you were such a gentleman. Now you are my husband and I love you more every day, I thought I loved you then.

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