Death Visions



This is another short extract from a story I'm hoping to accepted into an anthology. I have two possible titles. The Soul Catcher or Death Visions. Feedback welcome please

“That’s why there are no ghosts. No energy, no nothing left behind. He is eating their souls. I thought that from the visions but I didn’t know it was possible.” I shake my head and start walking towards where he would have been kneeling when he killed his victim, this one only a child. I tripped and fell and then everything went black.

I was disorientated. I know I hadn’t touched anyone; they were all across on the other side of the room. I look down to where I fell and realise I’m in same spot, but that the floor is wet. I bring my hands up in front of me, they’re covered in blood. This has never happened before. I hear a whimper and look up, in the corner of the room is a child curling themselves up into as small a ball as possible whilst their back leaks blood. I hear another sound and turn and see that The Soul Catcher is kneeling beside me; he’s drawing symbols I don’t understand into the carpet, forming a circle in the blood that has already been spilt.

He speaks a language, that again I don’t understand. Tendrils of shadowwrap around the child, dragging them kicking and screaming to the centre of the circle. I can see now that it’s a young boy, he only looks about eight. Tear tracks stain his face and he begins sobbing even more.

“BE QUIET” booms from behind me making me jump so much I think I’m going to have a heart attack. He moves from behind me into the middle of the circle, saying something that closes it behind him. The boy whimpers again and closes his eyes whispering over and over “it’s just a dream.” I take a hesitant crawl forward and realise there’s no barrier for me. I crawl over to the top of the child’s head and begin to smooth back his hair with one hand, whilst reaching for a hand that he has covering his eyes. Wrapping my hand around his I notice his breathing start to become even and his heartbeat begin to quiet. He opens his eyes and stares at me. “Are you my guardian angel?” he asks me. A second later I see the knife and watch as a light made of pure gold rises from the child’s body and is encased by a cage of shadows.

I come too and vomited all over the murder scene. 

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