From the 1st book, Matriarchal sexuality



Batresh explains a sexual aspect of her culture

Batresh saw perspiration on Jerry’s face as he slept beside her. She kissed his shoulder, taking care not to wake him.  Looking at his dark skin, she thought of Amun. Humans living in the Patriarchal world of 1962 could not imagine how she could be in love Amun, while at the same time, falling in love with Jerry. She slid her fingers over his forearm.

Looking up at the sky through the window, she saw the moon was no longer visible. She strained to see, as if finding it would somehow help Namazu. Lowering her gaze to the apple tree directly across from the house, she remembered picking fruit with her sister at Sekhem. They gathered a type of sweet, purple berry that no longer existed on Earth. It grew wild in the gardens at the palace. She remembered another little girl joining them, a human girl. It was the time she was beginning to understand the difference between humans and Tayamni. She remembered how she felt at the realization her human companions would age and die. She wept when the Matriarch told her. She ran away, but not far. She ran to the kitchens and in front of the cooks and servants, she hid inside a cabinet of amphorae containing flour. Before the day finished, she crept back to the Matriarch’s chambers. Feeling shame at her reaction, she simply walked to her silently.

Her mother stroked her forehead, and kissed her cheek. “One day,” her Matriarch began, “One day, all of this will make sense, it needn’t make sense now.”

Jerry stirred, shifting his body under her. She kissed his cheek, bringing her fingers to his chest tracing languid curving patterns. He exhaled, and opened his eyes. At first, he didn’t realize where he was. He looked at her face, and slowly remembered. He smiled, and slid his arms around her. She lay her head on his chest. “Thank you for coming by,” she sighed with contentment.

He looked at her, more solemn, “I want to ask you a question.”

She looked at him, raising her eyebrows.

He continued, “I have not felt as if I have the right to ask you, but now, after,” he looked to the side, not knowing how to say it.

“After being intimate?” she completed his statement.

Jerry sighed, “Yes. I guess that’s one way to say it.” He looked at the dark television screen, he was trying to find the right words.

He sighed and looked back at her. “Is there anyone else?”

She looked at his face with affection, “My dearest Jerry,” she looked away from him for a moment. Then, looked back into his eyes, “I grew up here, at Terra in what is now, the distant past,” she paused. “I have come to know the ways of your culture, here, now, in 1962.” She sighed, looking at the details of the fabric on the sofa, “For many thousands of years, human culture has been Patriarchal.”

He looked at her with confusion, not understanding what she was saying. She sighed and looked back into his eyes.

“The first human cultures were Matriarchal.” She turned back and kissed him gently on his lips, knowing he was afraid of what was coming. “In Patriarchal cultures, men can feel ownership of their women. Women can be seen as a sexual resource that must be controlled.”

His expression grew alarmed. She continued, “One day, human culture will evolve to a Matriarchy once again. In fact, it is already beginning.”

He sighed heavily and looked away from her.

She took his chin softly in her right hand, and turned his face so that he could look into her eyes. “My culture is Matriarchal. We can be in love with one primary mate, but still have other relationships that are not the primary one. This is natural in Matriarchal cultures.”

“So,” he tried to smile, “There is someone else.”

“Yes, my darling Jerry, there is. But, that doesn’t mean that we cannot see each other and be in love.” She smiled and kissed his left cheek, his lips, and his right cheek. “You are important to me.”

Just then, a pinging sound came from the office upstairs. Batresh, hopeful that there could be an update of Namazu’s condition, looked towards the office, then back at Jerry. “Forgive me, I must get this message.” She kissed him, sat up, and stood, pulling her night gown back down over her body. She walked to the stair way, then, she increased her speed, running up the stairs. Once in front of the display, she saw Gashan’s familiar face. Batresh instinctively tilted her head to the side, wondering why Gashan would contact her.

Gashan looked worried, “Batresh?” she asked.

Batresh nodded affirmatively.

“Is Amun there with you?”  

“No, I am sorry. I have not seen him,” Batresh responded. She heard Jerry standing on the stairway.

“I must get a message to him.”

“What’s wrong?” Batresh asked.

“He received a message from the Jovian temporal-portal a few days ago, about a Yellowstone eruption,” Gashan said quickly. “I discovered that it did not come from us, it was sent by the Tlalocs. They spoofed our keys, before I set the new encryption.” She looked to her left with concern.  “I read their messages, it is imperative that I speak with him.”


Gashan looked to the side, then back at Batresh, “The Tlalocs created the message, it was sent to distract him.”

“Has he already gone back to June?” Batresh asked.

“I will contact the Temporal-Portal. We believe the Tlaloc equipment at Yellowstone is a diversion.” She looked down worriedly, then back up to Batresh. “The Tlalocs are at the Sumatra fault line, at Lake Toba.”

Batresh bit her lip, knowing what this meant.

“If you hear from him, ask him to contact me,” Gashan signed off.

Jerry continued up the stairs, and saw Batresh. Her face was white, as if she had seen the devil himself.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Batresh extended her right hand to him, “Come and sit down.”

“I overheard part of your conversation,” Jerry took her hand in his. “Which eruption at Yellowstone? Geysers erupting?” 

Batresh sighed, “I am so glad you are here with me.” She looked into his face directly, “Most humans don’t know that Yellowstone National Park sits on a volcanic caldera.”

“What, what is a caldera?”

“The mouth of a volcano. It has erupted several times in ancient history, it is a very large volcano. We thought the Tlalocs were trying to make it erupt again.” Batresh explained.

“Who is Amun?” Jerry asked, as he held her hand.

Batresh looked down at the surface of the desk, “Amun is one of my people, a geologist. He and his team are trying to prevent an eruption.”

Jerry suspected from her facial expression when she pronounced Amun’s name, there was more about him she wasn’t telling. But, he did not want to know right now.

“Who are the Tlalocs?” he asked.

She sighed, turning more directly to him. She looked into his eyes, “They are one of the races trying to undermine our work here, our work to preserve humanity.”

“How can you make a volcano erupt?” He looked confused.

“Jerry, you will learn many things working with us,” she looked into his face questioningly.

His eyes widened, “Working with you?” He looked towards the window at the front of the room. Through the window, he could see the bright blue sky. He looked back into Batresh’s face. “I want to know more. I want to know about your people.” He wondered to himself, what he was doing, why he would want to help them. He felt compelled, “But, how can somebody like me help you? You are advanced.” he looked towards the back wall of the room and saw a decorative plate hanging on the wall, one that he and Batresh bought at the estate sale. Then, he looked back at her. He held both her hands in his, “How can I help.”

“We have worked with humans in the past. You will be able to help us in ways we cannot foresee now.” She stroked the side of his face with her right hand.   

“Will we work on volcanoes?” He asked innocently.

“No, my dearest Jerry,” she smiled at him affectionately. He seemed like a little boy talking to his mother, “You will begin by helping me on my mission.” She looked at the spot where the display had dematerialized, “We will give you technology.”

She turned towards the display, “We want to see Denny,” she commanded. Immediately a square of blue light appeared. The light resolved into an image of the little boy sitting on the ground near a swing-set in the back yard.

He was playing with dolls, moving them as if they were walking, voicing for them, “I have to go home now, Miss Stevens,” the little boy said. Then, changing his voice slightly, he responded for the other doll, “OK, Ya’ll come back.” Jerry looked at the image with concern.

“He plays with dolls?” Jerry asked.

“Apparently,” she responded.

“He is going to have a hard life,” Jerry sighed.

“He will need our protection,” she responded. “Show us the father,” she instructed the screen. The display moved to an image of the father at his sister’s house. Batresh recognized her as the woman she had seen flirting with a sailor, the woman with the illegitimate child, the one they called Jezebel.

“I drove by yer house yesterday, and they was three pickups in the drive way,” Denny’s aunt lied. “She’s a whore, Eddie, just a damn whore!” Batresh and Jerry could see the beasts, strong, and undulating with power on both the father and his sister.

“What are those things around them?” Jerry asked.

Batresh looked at him seriously, “Jerry, those are biological weapons designed by the Potacas.” She lifted her forefinger to point to the woman. The beast seemed to encircle her neck and shoulders, flexing and tightening. “They feed off of negative emotions like anger and fear.”

“They are alive?” he asked.

Batresh looked at the screen, “The Potacas specialize in biological weapons. These beasts are very much alive. They inject hormones and chemicals into human hosts, causing them to feel destructive emotions. Then, the beasts feed off of those human feelings.”

Jerry tilted his head, trying to understand. Pressing his lips together, he asked, “How did the weapons end up on his Daddy and the woman?”

Batresh sighed and looked up at Jerry, “The Potacas must be near their human victims. They apply seedlings to them. Some seedlings take hold of their hosts and begin to grow. As they grow, one beast becomes dominant over the others. Eventually, all of them wither away, except the most dominant one. You cannot see them with your naked eye. But, we can see them through these viewers.”

“Who are the Potacas?” Jerry asked.

Batresh looked down at her right hand as it rested on top of his left one. “They are a selfish, destructive race, mercenaries.” She sighed, then continued, “Remember that little pale man who was harassing me at the restaurant, the night we met each other?” she asked.

Jerry nodded affirmatively, and she continued, “He, and some other little men in that restaurant were Potacas.”

Jerry whistled and whispered, “I’ll be damned. So that’s why you were scared?”

Batresh nodded, “And, the tall man that was with him?”

Jerry’s eyes widened.

“The tall man was a Tlaloc,” she added

He stepped a couple of steps back. “There are more than Tayamni here from outer-space?”

“Jerry, I have no idea how many alien races are here now, or how many have been here.” She saw the fear and surprise in his eyes. “But, the only races we know of are the Potacas, the Tlalocs, and us.”

Jerry stood there in silence, looking into Batresh’s face with his mouth agape. After a long minute, he sighed with resignation. Then, he continued, “Do the Tlalocs put beasts on humans too?”

Batresh shook her head and looked up into his face, “The Tlalocs and the Potacas are working together now. We think the Tlalocs have helped the Potacas enhance the beasts. They are stronger.” She drew her brows together, “I have seen many men around Tupelo have beasts attached, a much higher concentration than we have seen in other populations.”

Jerry continued, “Why here? What do they want with us?”

“The Southern United States is at a critical point in your evolution. Many discriminatory laws and policies are being challenged. New, more advanced leaders are gaining influence. Your enemies want to reverse that trend,” she responded. 

So, I might know some people who have these beasts on them, even though I can’t see it?”

Batresh nodded, concentrating on the images on the screen. “You can feel it when a Potacas scatters seedlings.” She continued, “It starts to feel cool, even cold. Other humans nearby become aggressive.”

Jerry looked back at the display, and they saw the beast around the father darken. It was pulsing. The father looked down at the floor and clenched the fist of his right hand. “I gotta go,” he shouted, as he walked towards the front door.

“Denny probably ain’t even yers!” the aunt said, her voice dripping with contempt.

The father looked back at his sister, opened the door to the small house, and walked out. Slamming the door shut.

Batresh looked at Jerry with fear and added, “We need to get dressed.”

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