Free,free, set them free



If you love somebody, set them free

One night in a town not far away from you, a woman wakes up and discovers that her husband is not in the bed. She put on her bathrobe, and walks into the kitchen. Her husband is sitting by the table, looking down into a cup of fresh hot coffee. He seems to be thinking hard, and she can see that he wipes a tear away from his eye, before he take a sip of coffee.

“What’s up dear, why are you sitting here alone in the middle of the night?” she asks him.

Her husband looks up at her.

“Do you remember 20 years ago, when you were only 15 years old?” he asks, and she can se he have tears in his eyes. She gets emotional, thinking about her sensitive husband.

“Of course I do, honey”, she replies.

Her husband breathes heavily, words don’t come easy.

“Do you remember when your father discovered us in the back seat of my car, when we were making love?”

“I remember that too”, his wife answers tenderly.

“And do you remember that your father put a shotgun into my face, and told me that I had the choice between marrying you or get 20 years in prison?”

“Of course I remember this”.

Her husband looks down at the coffee again, takes a deep breath and say; ”Today I would have been a free man…..” 

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