An attractive young lady discovered a strange invitation to a masquerade party placed beneath her apartment door, which entailed precise instructions. Apprehensive to go alone, it was an amusing and very pleasurable affair with an unfamiliar acquaintance until she was terrified by the truth.

Paisley gazed out in a solitary gloom looking down at the people come and go from her third floor apartment window.  She took another sip of her tea and was about to turn away from the window when a very distinguished looking man caught her eye from a distance.  He appeared to be waiting for someone.  As she stared observing who would accompany him, she couldn’t help but notice his toned broad shoulders and arms, quite a well-built physique.  He had naturally curly hair with a trimmed cut mustache.  He appeared to be about 6-foot but she could have been exaggerating slightly, although he was quite appealing to her.  The man suddenly glanced up at her in the window when their eyes met.  She was startled by his unanticipated stare and promptly moved away from the window.

“Oops, he caught me staring!”  She chuckled.

She waited a minute before she took another glance; slowly peeping around the drapes but to her surprise he was gone.  She leaned over in the bay window looking in both directions but the distinguished man peculiarly disappeared.  Suddenly the telephone rang and it was her girlfriend Sanaa calling to check up on her.

“Hey girl!  No I'm just piddling around here, why what’s up?  She inquired.

“Well get ready, let’s get out and do something!  You have just a few more days off and you really need to get out of that apartment, so I’ll be there in 15-minutes to pick you up.”  Sanaa insisted.

Paisley was a 29-year-old Nurse who had taken some much needed time off from work.  She’d recently separated from her man because of his desiring lechery for pornographic women and she refused to deal with him and his sexual preferences, especially since he became quite frigid in the bedroom.  Suddenly, he was no longer attracted to her and she had no recollection as to what caused the drastic change.  Constantly refusing to talk about the issues of their relationship infuriated her hoping it may have been something they could have worked out, so she tried to hide her wrath behind her work yearning to find some sort of closure.  She was tired of his trivial ways and neglect, quite determined to close the book to that dreadful old story.

She rushed into her room and grabbed a pair of her favorite jeans, a cute sweater and slid into her boots.  After fixing her hair, she grabbed her bag and shades and upon entering the living room she noticed a small envelope was placed beneath her door.  She picked it up to open it and it was an invitation to a masquerade party but oddly there was no name as to who sent it.  She had no idea who could have left it unless she thought, “Maybe it was that man I noticed outside my window earlier.  No, it couldn’t have been!” 

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, as she looked through the peephole to notice her friend Sanna had arrived.

“Hey girl, come on in!”  Paisley invited.

“Hey!  So you ready go?  What’s that?”  Sanaa noticed she was holding an envelope.

“I found this under my door just a few minutes ago, it’s an invitation to a masquerade party.  And it’s strange because I don’t know who sent it?”  Paisley expressed.

“Let me see it?”  Sanaa asked.

On the front of the invitation it read, “You’ve just been invited to a Masquerade Party” and on the inside it stated, “Find a mask and wear it well so your true identity no one can tell.”

“I’ve never been to a masquerade party before what’s it like?  Paisley inquired.

“It’s when you get all dressed up in a costume with a mask and there is dancing, food, some games – it’s fun!  Are you going?  It’s this weekend and you’re off.  I will even go with you if you’d like.  It will be fun! Paisley gave her a doubtful grimace.  "C'mon Paisley, don’t you want to have some fun for a change because girl you really need to get the edge off!  You're a single woman now, it's time to let loose, have some fun and leave Ricky and all the aspects of your past in the past and move on girl!"  After a moment of silence, “Girl I think you should go!”  Sanaa encouraged.

“Really?”  Paisley smiled.

“Really!”  Sanaa insisted.

“Hey there are some instructions as to how to get there so why don’t we go check it out?”  Sanaa insisted.

The girls took what seemed to be a 2-hour drive out to a gated property with a lot of trees around it hindering the view of the house.

“Well this is it!  This is the address that’s on the invitation.”  Sanaa confirmed.

“Dreary out here isn’t it?  I bet behind all those trees there is some creepy old place filled with spooks!”  Paisley remarked.

“Yea, but that’s what makes it all for the better!  The perfect place to have a masquerade party!  I can envision it being a dreadful old place with plenty of spooks to scare your panties off!”  Sanaa joked.

"Girl, please!  Only a distinguished, charming and compassionate man can possibly charm me out of my panties and believe me, it won't be a spook."

"Careful now, don't say that!  You won't know it because everyone will be in a disguise!"  She winced.

On the way back near the mall, the girls spotted a costume store.  They browsed around trying on different ones just having fun when Paisley agreed that the Snow Queen costume was perfect for her and Sanaa thought the Black Widow costume was a perfect fit for her personality. 

The girls continued shopping browsing around in the mall, when they became so famished and had to stop to grab a bite to eat at a Chick-fil-a restaurant before returning back to Paisley’s apartment building.

“Okay girl, I’ll talk to you later.”  Paisley smiled getting out of the vehicle.

 She got off the elevator on the third floor and before placing her key in the door to open it, she noticed another envelope had been placed beneath her apartment door.  She picked it up then quickly glanced around to see if anyone was looking as she entered her door.

“Who’s leaving these darn envelopes?”  She thought tossing it on the table as she went to get comfortable.

After making her some tea, she sat down to read her mail then reached to get the envelope that was left under her door.

And it read, "There is only room for one more in my ballroom, so please don’t think that this is some open social gala, I am eagerly awaiting you and you only in your costume looking beautiful, greatly anticipating the sweet smell of your sweet perfume.”

“Wow, he wants me to come alone!”  She thought.

At that moment the phone rang, it was Sanaa calling.  “Hello!  What’s up? Oh no!  You’re kidding right?”  Paisley quizzed.

“Yes, wouldn’t you know it?  Well, that’s the way it goes girl, there is always a road block when you ready to plan something fun but it is my living and therefore the rent still has to be paid, you feel me?  But you should still go Paisley, you’ve got your costume and everything!  I can return mine.  No one is going to know who you are and just enjoy yourself girl!”  Sanaa insisted.

Sanaa worked as a 30-year-old Physical Therapist at the same medical facility as Paisley.

“Well it’s funny you called because when I got to my door there was another envelope beneath it!”  Paisley informed.

Paisley told her what was stated inside of it and she still wasn’t comfortable enough to go to the party alone but what could it hurt, she had nothing else better to do on her days off.

 The evening came to attend the masquerade party.  Paisley looked at herself in the mirror admiring how beautiful she looked in her costume.  

She called to ask a friend who owns a limousine service for an escort to drive her to the party because there was no way she could drive her small two-seat convertible Mazda Miata in her costume.  Kenny was quite charming and always admired Paisley but she wanted to keep their relationship on a platonic level as just good friends and as a friendly favor to her, he politely sent a driver.

The driver arrived at the gate of the property where two masked men stood and greeted them.

“Good evening! May I see your invitation please?” One of them asked.

The driver let down her window in the limousine so she could show her invitation.

“Thank you, please proceed on following this road until you get to the mansion.”  The masked man informed.

“The mansion! Who are these people?” She pondered.

It took the driver about 15-minutes down the long forest scenic road before arriving at the mansion and then suddenly there it was out in the middle of nowhere. There had to be about a couple hundred cars parked in front of the mansion at what seemed to be a very formal affair observing the many long gowns entering the door of the beautiful manor, so she’d fit in just fine.

As she entered, she had to give the man at the door her invitation before she could walk in down a few steps into what seemed like a huge ballroom. People were socializing; some were dancing to some mellow jazz music.  She walked around admiring some of the costumes when a masked waitress approached her with a tray of champagne. She took a sip from her glass while being entertained by the couples dancing out on the floor and after a while she heard a man’s whisper in her ear, “Are you having fun so far?”  She was about to turn to respond to him when he demanded that she not turn to look at him. 

“Well that depends,”  Paisley proposed.

“On what,”  he whispered in her ear.

“On who invited me,”  she declared.

“I am here to please you and only you,” he stated.

“So I take it that you’re the one who invited me then.  Who are you,”  she inquired?

“I’m someone special,”  he said offering her his arm to escort her around.

He wore a long black hooded gown that concealed his face and he was quite tall about 6-feet next to her in heels.

As they walked around the mansion, there were people everywhere.  He said an occasional hello to a few but not many.

“Are all these people your friends," she queried?

“Some are, others are acquaintances many of whom I haven’t seen in years,” he informed.

"May I ask what you do for a living to acquire such an extremely beautiful dwelling?"

"Thank you and I'm so glad you approve but all of this procures from a pedigree and now it's left to me," he stated opening a door to a private room.

“Won't you join me,” he offered closing the door behind them.

“Please, make yourself comfortable,” he gestured.

It was a spectacular room filled with very nice furnishings and art, an abundant of exquisite taste as the mellow jazz music surrounded them. She could tell it was a room of which he spent most of his time. As she spoke to him trying to resolve the mystery of what he looked like, he smoothly dimmed the lighting in the room to remain anonymous to her. From what she could determine his tasteful idiosyncrasy, his intellect, his pleasant personality and very articulate was quite captivating.

“Have we met before or something because I’m really loss for words?” Paisley expressed.

“Then don’t speak, just let me,” he said handing her a glass of champagne well hidden in his black hooded robe.

“It would be nice to know who you are. I don't respond to strangers very openly,” she stated as she rose from her seat.

"Strangers," he chuckled. "Oh no beautiful, I assure you before the evening is over we will be much more than strangers. You see, I know what you need at this very moment,” he comforted standing behind her as he softly kissed her neck.

“How do you know?” She grasped as he caressed her shoulders then softly touching her breast and down her waist.

Suddenly, she became mesmerized by his every touch and even though she did not know this man, he was very amorous and decided to play along. After all, Sanaa said there would be fun and games, so far she was beginning to enjoy the pleasure.

“Because you’re what I need at this very moment,” he stated gently turning her as he sweetly eased his tongue in her mouth.

Quite stunned, gazing into eyes behind the mask he wore concealed underneath his black robe, she started to melt away in his strong arms, as he slowly unzipped her gown, she eased out of it allowing it to fall to the floor.

“What do you want from me,” she uttered as he softly laid her body on his big bed?

“I want you in every way I can have you,” he confessed in a whisper.

“But how do you know you want me,” she spoke softly?

Before she knew it, his passion held her down, not only with his hands but with his sweet passion, now she was totally mesmerized by a man she doesn’t know and at this point, she didn’t care.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered softly.

She could feel the sultry sweetness as he took her body and clenched it until she could feel the firmness of every muscle in his body. She started to sweat so she reached to remove her mask.

“No, leave it on,” he whispered sweetly kissing her.

“Do you fear me,” he asked her?

“No, she breathed.

“I assure you there is no need for discretion. Now I want you to listen to me and do as I say,” he demanded clinching her hands to her side.

She was excited and nervous at the same time of what this man was about to do to her. Maybe it was the champagne but she was under his hypnosis and hungered for his tender attentiveness.

He wouldn’t stop his caress because she was what he wanted for so long, as he mischievously paid homage to every inch of her body in an oral hostage, all she could do was relish in it.

“I know what you want?” He whispered in a haze of passion as he continued to titillate her.

She moaned in deep passion as she allowed his tongue to softly glide away from her breast into her belly button and below until she shivered in senseless moans.

“See, I know what you want! Now beautiful, all you have to do is tell me you want it!” He teased.

He kept on as she shivered and moaned louder.

“I can’t hear you beautiful! Do you want it?” He softly asked her.

He reached to softly massage her breast, as he sucks and licks until senseless cries escaped her lips.

“All you have to say is one word, just one word and I’ll make you cum.” He softly whispered.

She trembled in moans as she started to weaken in his lustful persuasion then suddenly she screamed out “Yes!! I do! I want it!”

Mirthful pleasures surfaced as he smoothly invaded her moist spot, indulged in an infinite vigorous grind, pleasing, teasing, drenched with perspiration until they both reached an orgasm of hot lustful gratification. Afterward, he kissed her so sweetly, she could feel the tenderness, the sensual innocence only a man in love would do. As they lay naked in pure exhaustion, she realized that her mask slid off so she reached to attempt to turn on the lamp but to only discover that her mask slid to the top of her head. She reached to pull it down on her face when she glanced over at him.

He had fallen into a deep sleep. As she eased out of bed to get dressed, she realized now she had a good chance to see who gave her so much pleasure. The one man who took her to a paradise she never knew existed, putting on her other heel in the exceedingly dim lit room, she eased around the big bed to take a glance. She was amazed to see he had extremely large feet with long toenails then noticed his muscle bound physique as she peered at his face.

“Poor thing, he still has his mask on!” She thought as she reached to gently ease it off when suddenly he woke up and growl at her with his razor sharp teeth, dark eyes, bald with albino looking skin and she screamed terrified by the sight of him she fainted.


When she woke up, she was in her apartment sitting in her favorite chaise lounge chair and Sanaa was walking towards her from kitchen with a cup of tea.

“Well hello sleepy head! Wow, that must have been some party! See, you didn’t need me to have a good time!” She remarked.

“What are you talking about? What happen,” she inquired in a daze?

“Well, Kenny said they told the driver you passed out at the party, obviously you had a little too much champagne so I decided to stay with you to see that you were going to be alright. I didn’t know you had it in you girl! Now I know you’ve got a touch of that wild side running through your veins and look at you, you’re glowing! I’d like to know who lit your fire last night.” She teased.

“Well, did you have a good time or what? You’ve got to give me all the juicy details!” Sanaa jabbered on.

Sanaa’s voice began to fade away as she drifted back to the thoughts of the night before and how wonderful it was, “What was it and was it real?” She pondered then immediately smiled feeling completely sexually fulfilled.

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