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Just now I saw an old movie  “Shankarabharanam” in a TV channel.It is  the most moving film I have seen till date. It' s the movie that brings out the glory of classical music.

Shankara Shastri, a famous musician is the hero of the film. He is an expert in singing the raga known as Shankarabharanam. He is therefore called  Shankarabharanam Shankara Shastri. Shastri had a daughter who is likewise very good at singing. A young lady A girl belonging to the dancing community becomes his disciple. Her mother tries  to sell her to a wealthy landlord.As she refused to go with the landlord he takes her by force after kicking the portrait of Shankara Shastri, which she worships. The glass frame of the portrait gets broken, she takes  one of the broken pieces of glass  and kills the landlord by stabbing him. She then goes to Shastri and lives with him. He takes her with him, wherever he goes. People criticize him for keeping a woman  of low birth( low cast) with him. His associates leave him. Nobody invites him for concerts. The girl leaves him when she knows that she is pregnant and it is the landlord’s child.

In the due course, Shasthri becomes very poor. Classical music falls into bad days. Pop music becomes a craze. A group of young men practicing  Jazz music insult Shankara Shastri and tell him that he could never master their music. He asks them to sing their tunes and he repeats them correctly. He sings a raga and asks them to repeat. They were unable to repeat. He tells them that classical music contains the basic tunes. A man who has mastered classical music can, therefore, sing any tune, even the western ones. Classical music leads us to serenity and peace but western music excites us. The young men realize that there is something great about classical music.

The girl who became Shastri's disciple gave birth to a son. When he is seven years old, she sends him to Shastri and asks him, not to reveal his identity to his Guru.  And the boy becomes Shastri's disciple and stays with him.

Later the boy’s mother inherits her mother’s wealth. Her mother repented for her cruelty to her daughter and died to leave all the property to her daughter. It is the lawyer who brings the news to the boy’s mother. She builds an auditorium in the name of her guru Shankara Shastri and invites him to perform an inaugural concert.  Shastri comes there with his young disciple ( her son) and he dies on the stage while singing.  He blesses the boy before dying and makes the boy his musical heir.  The boy’s mother falls down dead at the feet of her guru. The film ends there.

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