The Tree



This piece is taken from my story of two supernatural beings from different social worlds, who have met by chance and fell in love. The passion that they share overcomes their differences.

They were at the opening to the woods, he took her arm and led her in. The sun was just beginning to set as they walked for a while arm in arm. Suddenly he pulled her into his arms and looked into her eyes. He smiled a crooked smile and kissed her. It was so passionate. He then took her hand and pulled her deeper into the woods.

“Tristan where are you taking me?” she laughed as they ran through the trees.

“You’ll see,” he said “not much further now.”

 They came to a stop under a huge tree. The biggest tree Shey had ever seen. It’s branches were big and stretched way far out. She thought to herself how much Miah would love this tree.

“Isn’t it fabulous Shey!” Tristan too knew that Miah would love it.

“Oh Tristan it is, and Miah will love it too. I can’t wait for her to see it!”

“Not yet though cause I have other plans.” He grinned at her.

“You do now, what might these plans entail?” she too grinned as she stepped into his arms.

He kissed her softly, “This. And maybe this.” he whispered into her ear as he nibbled her lobe.

“Or this” as he grazed her neck with his tongue.

“or maybe…” Shey was melting into his arms by now.

“Maybe this” he said as he reached to her breast and softly massaged.

Shey began to moan at his touch. “you like?” he whispered.

“Mmm” she moaned.

He looked into her eyes, his filled with passion. He kissed her lightly at first, but then harder, with raging hormones. They held each other tight. Shey could feel his hard body against hers and was totally and passionately his. She reached for the buttons on his jeans and began releasing them. Slowly she released them down not wanting to loose the moment.

He reached for her hands and raised them above her head. He pulled off her shirt and kept her arms above her head. He held them there above her head as he kissed her neck and then her lips. He removed his shirt, his naked body pressed against hers as he removed her jeans. In no time they were one. They were pressed up against the tree. He forcefully pushed harder until they reached climax, their bodies falling to the ground still holding on. Tristan was on top of her now wanting more, it seemed they could never get enough of each other. He looked into her eyes, kissed them both, then fell to her side.

Shey rolled over to hold him, “Hello my love” and curled up next to him. They slept. Miah not getting the chance to come out and play.

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