The Bulb in the Cold



Heart warming story

The Light bulb was out in the cold, it was the middle of December and snowflakes slowly descended from the sky. On the glass surface of the bulb, the freezing air painted shapes. It was as if the ice wanted to let us know that it exists. But these beautiful shapes that would fill a human heart with joy were hurting the bulb, its glass felt weaker by the second, the distance between its atoms was getting thinner until it became a huge abyss. The bulb was on the brink of cracking and becoming useless, which for an instrument is death. The fate decided against it and a hand in a warm glove picked it up, and exhaled some steam into it, covering it with a veil of fog. A boy picked it up and decided to take home this bulb that was mistakenly thrown away by the workers of the factory as a defective product. Life has given it a second chance to become something. The young boy brought the bulb home, and when his father seen that it was intact; he immediately installed the bulb on the sign in front of his shop. Thus, the bulb together with other brothers of his brightened up the place and invited the people to check out the candy shop. It felt so much better now that it was irradiating light around and invading the darkness of the night, the bulb felt like a valiant knight that was fighting with a dragon for the sake of the princess which was all the kids and their parents that were guided to this establishment that sold happiness in candy form. The child that saved the bulb was also happy to see the sign in front of his dad’s shop light wholly again, it inspired him to dare to spread the light of humanity further in space. He grew up as the bulb grew old, now his dreams changed to realities, he was an astronaut and the bulb somehow still worked and called the children to taste some delicious candy. Still no bulb can light forever and thus one day it burnt, and the father of the astronaut almost threw it away, but the kid that was now an adult stopped him and took the dead bulb in his hand. Now it was old and had a dark round mark in one place, where during the freezing night when it was saved ice hurt him more than anywhere else. The man recognized the bulb which he found in his childhood, the bulb that gave him hope to realize his dreams, the bulb that showed him that light does not die. That gave him an idea; he would take the bulb with him to space, where it should be with its extraterrestrial brothers, the stars. He did that during his next mission, he flew in a big rocket, towards the International Space Station, and during one mission outside he released the bulb in space. Around darkness, and white dots, those were the distant stars, which were so far away, and in this infinite space a small bulb that could not give light felt so alone. It flew aimlessly in space, until one day it refracted the light of the Sun and become a proud star for a second and then melted, but its energy traversed the world forever giving light to those that searched for it.     


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