Wildland Kings



Very short and wild story

It was a very hot day in the wild lands the ever happy Mister Baboon was basking in the mid day sun. He had been chosen by the river King to guard the path to the water pond as the river was quickly drying up without any sign of the rains for a long time.

Along came the little lizard dragging a bunch of grapes heading to Mister Baboon who stood up to greet  Lizard.

'' Hello my good friend Lizard, let me help you carry those grapes before you break you legs'' 

Lizard opened his mouth and let go of the bunch so he could speak.

.'' How are you Mister Baboon the most trusted man in the Wild lands''

they had a brief laugh before Lizard continued.  

''I have brought these grapes for my friend l know how much you enjoy them ''

Mister Baboon smiled and sat down with the grapes in his hands, Lizard then asked.

'' Tell me something does the river King come up here or he is always in the water ''

'' The last time he came up here was during the rainy season ''

Lizard then he said,

''  I have to go back to the dry lands can l go and have a drink at the river pond before l leave?''

Without thinking much Mister Baboon pointed him in the direction of the river and waved goodbye to the Lizard.

The grapes made Mister Baboon feel drowsy so after a short while he fell asleep and woke up to the sound of something big coming up the rocks and he jumped up in surprise and said.

'' Lizard !!!!! did l say you should drink the whole  pond how did you get so big? ''

The response was,

'' I am not a lizard fool lm your King, does a lizard have teeth that are this big''

The giant King Crocodile opened his jaws wide.


                                                                               END of Part 1



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