You wake up one morning and find that you aren’t in your bed; you aren’t even in your room. You’re in the middle of a giant maze. A sign is hanging from the ivy: “You have one hour. Don’t touch the walls.” Finish the scene.

     “Oh, why is my head pounding? It hurts really bad. What happened last night? It’s all a giant blur.” Thought Ian, as he tried to clear his head of the fuzziness. “The girl, yea I remember now. She was hot. Did she do this to me? I really need to stop partying so hard. I’m getting to old for this.”
     Ian rolled over on his hands and knees. Before he pushed himself up, he noticed a piece of paper laying on the floor next to his right hand. He picked it up to see what it said. After his eyes adjusted from the slumber he just awoke from, he could finally see the letters clearly. The letter read…
     Hello Ian. Welcome to my little piece of heaven. As a scientist, I love to watch the human body in all its marvels. Today is my particular favorite one. Before you lies a maze. A mouse can escape them for a piece of cheese. I would like to see if you are as smart as a mouse. Oh and there is one more thing special about this maze. I won’t give any surprises away, but I will tell you this one detail. Whatever you do, do not touch the walls. Happy trails Ian.
     “I.. no this is not right. I’m not a rat. Where am I?” pleaded Ian as he looked up. When he finally realized how bad his situation was, his heart sank in his gut. All he could see was walls standing all around him. They were metallic in appearance. The most interesting detail about them was the smoothness. It was like looking into a pool of water that was completely still. It was so alluring. Ian wanted to reach out and feel the smoothness. It had to be fake.
     “Get it together, Ian. Don’t be so stupid. The letter said to not touch the walls. There is something about this place. It feels familiar to me. Is this that place? Did I dream about this place last night?”
     Ian took his surroundings in fully at that point. The walls were not only smooth like glass, but fifteen feet tall. There was no way he could climb over them. He would have to touch them to do that anyways. Above him was the only light of hope that he had left at this point. The sky was shining in all its brightness. He could see the sun shine on his face. It mad everything brighter. The only thing that was against the sun was the clearest sky Ian had ever seen. The blue was so deep and rich, he felt like he could stand there all day and stare at its beauty. Other than those points of complete gloriousness, was the fact that he was still trapped. The only thing he could do was to walk forward.
     He began walking, not really sure which way to go. “What do I do? Walk, walk, and walk. Take this left. Turn right. Walk straight. Do I turn around? Is this the right way? What do I do?” thought Ian as he aimlessly made his way around the maze. He walked for what felt like hours. The sun had moved a decent bit in the sky. It was now casting shadows from the walls. Ian looked forwards, becoming more and more frustrated that he had not got any closer to getting out. He was losing daylight. He had to get out.
     “Are the walls moving? No, no, no they can’t be. I’m losing my mind now. Stupid maze. The longer I look the more they seem to be moving. Knock it off brain. I just have to keep it together. I can do this. Relax and think. What can I do to better navigate this stupid maze.”
     Ian walked a little farther, only to stop dead in his tracks. The walls five feet in front of him began to bulge in the most horrific manner. Faces and hands began to grab at the air around them. Ian freaked out. The maze really was alive. Ian turned around and ran back the way he came. He wasn’t thinking about the turns he was taking. His mind was taking the trip for him.
     “This is a nightmare. Hands and faces, I can’t believe this. I knew it was alive. Don’t let them touch you. I don’t want to know what will happen. Stupid letter. Stupid scientist kidnapping people. Run, just keep running. I will beat this thing.”
     Left. Right. Straight. Left. Left. Straight. Right. Run. Avoid the flailing hands. That was all that Ian was thinking. He kept running till his lungs burned for more oxygen. He kept running even though the world around him began to fade in and out of existence. He ran till he thought he was going to die. When he felt like he couldn’t run anymore, he finally stopped running. After catching his breath, he looked up to see the most beautiful thing he had seen all day. Down a long narrow straight away was the exit. He had finally made it to the end. He was so happy to see that sight. In a brief moment of exhaustion, he about fainted. He stuck his arm out to catch himself. Before he could stop himself, he felt the cool touch of the metallic wall on his palm.
     Fear gripped him as he slowly looked over towards the wall. The metal was wrapping around his hand, permanently covering it. Ian panicked. He had to escape. With all hope fading from his body, he ran as fast as he could. The exit seemed so close.
     “Run. Run. Run faster. You have to get out. Oh no. The metal is spreading. My forearm is covered. This metal is going to trap me here. This can’t be how I die. Now it’s covering my upper arm.” Thought Ian as he kept running.
The weight of the metal threw off his center of balance and he stumbled. He tripped and tried to roll out of it, so that he wouldn’t touch the wall again. He didn’t judge the width of his walkway accurately, however, and his foot tagged the wall. Getting back to his feet, he could see that the metal was working its way up his leg. The weight seemed unreal. It was getting harder and harder to walk, much less run.
     “Just keep running. You have to be faster than this… whatever it is. Metal the creeps its way on to anything it touches. What kind of madness is this? Can’t think about that now. Just run. This leg is so heavy. I don’t think I can do this. No I can. Just keep moving. The end is so close. I can see the green grass at the end. I will make it, won’t I? This metal is so aggressive. Great, now I can’t bend my knee. It doesn’t matter. I will crawl out of here if I have to.”
     Half of Ian’s chest was covered in the metal. He had troubles breathing enough to keep running. It was agonizing to keep pushing his body as hard as he was. The metal connected to his hip and immobilized his leg. Falling on his face, He stretches his one good arm out to try and break his fall. He fell harder than he had hoped, but he kept moving. His life was about to be over, if he didn’t. He pulled himself with his one good arm. His other leg was getting covered too fast by the metal to be of use. He pulled and pulled, desperately hoping to get somewhere. He could almost touch the edge of the maze. The grass looked so green compared to the solid metallic gaze of the deadly metal. Mere inches away, he was so close. The metal had cover almost every part of him. His legs were completely covered. The metal was working its way around his neck and up his face. With one final pull, he could barely reach outside of the maze.
     At this point the only thing that he could move was his wrist and fingers. He reached out and pulled a blade of grass from the ground. It seemed out of place compared to its surroundings. The metal incased his hand and was working up his fingers. The last thing he saw was the metal taking over the blade of grass. It pulled all the beautiful green out of it. With despair in his heart, he looked out to see a figure standing in the green grass outside of the maze. All he could see was the grin stretched over his face. Ian watched as the metal covered his vision. He took his final breath, knowing that his killer had watched him die.

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