72˚ An Short Erotic Novel Chapter 3



A continuation of 72˚; lust echoes through the words, enriching ones ones desires and leading them to explore the boundaries of their sexual experiences.

Every You, Every Me 

His raven black hair was already dissolved, but it only made me wetter. He dug his nails into my collarbones, while I dug mine into his hips. I pressed my lips against his so hard, It felt as if my jaw would break, but I couldn't stop. I needed more. He needed more. As we surfaced for breath, I turned and slammed him into the wood. "Pleasure me like never before." He whispered, his voice oozing with sensuality. I ripped his shirt open and began to lick. I felt the muscles in my groin tense, his sweat mingling with my own. I started at his jaw line and worked my way down to his navel, all the while he shuddered with pleasure. He was the sweetest thing that I've ever tasted; more so than any sweet or fruits on this earth. I ravaged his navel with my tongue, the stuff through it tickled him with each lick. "Allow me." With one swift motion, he had flipped me onto the fining room table and tore open my corset. His long fingers were quick and skillful, like that of a surgeon. He was like an animal ripping at flesh as he sunk his teeth into my collarbone. The blood stained his teeth pink, his own tongue stud tickling my wounds. Pleasure burned through me like never before. More than just an Earthly pleasure; it was two souls colliding in the most violent and sensual of ways. Kindred spirits, perfect for one another. The perfect balance of harmony and chaos. "More." His tongue lingered on my left nipple for only a moment before he began to suck on it. He was gentle and sensual, moving the barbell smoothy with the motion of his mouth. If he could do that to a nipple, what could he do elsewhere? I sunk my teeth into the side of his neck, drinking in all that I could. He moaned with delight before gently laying onto of me. My heart raced in a way that it never had before. I was intrigued. I wanted to explore every inch of this new sensation. To understand it. To hold it. To somehow be able to control it. "Spank me." I begged. "Lick me in places where the light doesn't show." He slid into me, like one puts an engagement ring on his bride to be. "Tell me about your dreams."


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