The Woodmyst Chronicles: Book IV


Darkness approaches and death comes with it.

The Mirikin advance.

Their forces are mighty.

Cities crumble and fall.

Humanity burns.

The White Witch returns for vengeance.

This time, she has the Mistresses and their armies at her disposal.

A prophecy is unveiled and a new power emerges in the form of a boy.

Is he to become the great Maji spoken about by the members of the coven?

Tomas Warde attempts to rise to the challenge of leading his people against familiar foes and strange creatures as battles against opposing forces attack from outside the village, and emotional conflict tests his strengths from within.

With their allies disbanded and their world falling apart, the only hope mankind has left lies with Woodmyst.

Wow! Just, Wow!

I loved The Warlords of Woodmyst. Loved. It. This book kept me reading obsessively, breathlessly at times, and always fully engaged in the story. Author Robert E. Kreig has done an absolutely amazing job in creating characters that his readers will be able to connect with, will relate to, and will truly care about. If that isn’t a hallmark of a great author, I’m not really sure what is. This book is filled with adventure, fantastic creatures and scenarios, and just an epic story line that is sure to keep readers completely engaged. Any reader who loves a great work of fantasy, or just a great work of fiction in general, should absolutely read this book. I highly recommend The Warlords of Woodmyst, and the entire Woodmyst Chronicles series in general, and am looking forward to reading more from the extremely talented author Robert E. Kreig as soon as I possibly can!

Tracy A. Fischer

author of 'The Sort of Life of Julie Winterfeldt (The Julie Winterfeldt Series)'

This is epic fantasy at its best.

This novel had everything; strong characters, a good plot, great development, and enough thrills, mystery and suspense to make you stay up late at night to read just one more page. The novel had very much of a Chronicles of Narnia and Eragon vibe. And since I love these novels, I loved this novel too. It was written so well that I cannot believe I never read the previous novels in the series. This is definitely a novel I would read again because it has great potential and this time, I will start from the beginning because I cannot stop myself. It is that good! Simply great.

​Rabia Tanveer

Readers' Favorite

As the world falls apart, I fell apart with it...

Robert E Kreig has created an immersive fantasy world with truly terrifying enemies for his heroes to face. The description and action surrounding the beasts and human enemies border very enjoyably on the horror genre, so fans of dark fantasy are sure to love this epic adventure. War is taken seriously in this novel – there are deaths and grief aplenty – but it is Tomas’ emotional journey through all the pain and darkness which will keep readers hooked until the very end. The Warlords of Woodmyst has a twisting and genuinely unpredictable plot, with unforgettable enemies and heroes that you really want to root for. As the world falls apart, I fell apart with it, frantically racing through the pages to seek out the novel’s conclusion. Highly recommended for fans of detailed, immersive fantasy fiction.

K.C. Finn

Readers' Favorite ​

The Warlords Of Woodmyst by Robert E Kreig is a gripping tale ...

Like the other books in the series, The Warlords Of Woodmyst by Robert E Kreig is a gripping tale that keeps readers glued to the pages — and it is incredibly hard to take a break. Each book has a certain magic to it, and you get truly attached to the cast of characters. In a way, I wished I had read all the Woodmyst books in one go (over a few days, of course). It just always seems like such a pity when one of those books comes to an end. It is a world you become a part of, and I would happily read ten more books in this world. The Warlords of Woodmyst is mainly a fantasy book, but also includes romance, drama, a bit of horror, and plenty of action.

Kim Anisi

Readers' Favorite

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