My Three Moms



Extract — Carmen's letter. What would you think, if you got a letter like this?


Chapter 1


 I sat on my bed staring at the envelope in my hands. Why was Carmen writing me now after one year of silence? It had to be something important, but was it good or bad? I was afraid to open it. Eventually I did and what I read was worse than anything I could ever have imagined.


Dear Destiny,

This will come as a surprise and might be difficult for you, but I'll come straight to the point. I have never been a real mother to you. I have never felt like your mother, and despite your father’s wishes, I feel that it is only fair that you should know why.

I know you have often wondered why we don’t look even the tiniest bit alike. That’s because you are not my natural child.

After many years of marriage and no babies, Norris decided that he had to have an heir to the vast fortune he was building up. It was then that I had to tell him that I could not have children. He was very disappointed but he didn’t want to adopt. I don’t know the details of what he arranged. I deliberately did not want to get involved. In his usual competent manner, he arranged it all so that nobody would question when I came home with a baby duly registered as our legal offspring.

I do have some regrets. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about all that happened. I now wish things had been different for us, but the mothering instinct never kicked in for me. And he didn’t mind, being wealthy enough to get the very best nannies and care for you. So we kept up the charade of family, with each of us doing exactly what we wanted.

But, I was jealous, from the very beginning, of the attention he showered on you. Not only that, but as you grew, I saw where your beauty and sensuality, so much like his, would soon cast mine in shadow and I resented this, so I kept my distance.

Yet, I don’t feel that I failed you. I feel an impossible situation was forced on me. I know he adores you and that you love him equally, and that is as it should be. I had promised never to tell you, but some things have happened recently which have caused me to think that I should tidy up the loose ends in my life. It is only fair that you should know this about yourself. I have no idea about your birth mother. These details, I think, are sealed away with a lawyer somewhere, maybe even destroyed. In whatever time is left to us, I only wish, now, that we can all salvage some sort of satisfactory life with whatever happiness we can force from the hands of the gods who can be so unkind to us humans. Perhaps you won’t think so badly of me now that you know the truth.

My very best wishes to you and all that you call yours. I do not expect a reply.


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