The Sorceress's Secret. Part Six



Kieran and Lylea are at odds. Galen gives one of them a push to help them get along. More of Galen's and Kieran's story comes out. What is the secret? Keep reading and you'll find out. :)

Part Six

        After getting dinner done Kieran and Lylea sat in silence, Kieran hadn’t had anyone to talk to but Galen for some time since they started on their journey together finding others like them.

        Lylea wondered if it was always like this, if it was always going to be like this, if she would always be on the run because of what she was and what she will become.

        Frisky feeling her sadness cuddled up to her to try to make her smile and it worked. Kieran found himself watching her and thinking she was the most beautiful women he had ever met.

        Her blue eyes sparkled when she smiled and even though she was dusty from the ride it only added to her beauty.

        Clearing his throat he looked away and asked “does he always stick by your side?”

        Not looking up she answered “from the first day I found him and saved his life we’ve been together.”

        “Galen told me that animals was one of your powers, we also think that since you can heal them that when your powers grow you will be able to heal humans as well.”

        “I don’t know about that, I never even knew I was a…what did you call me again?”

        “A sorceress.”

        “Yes. I didn’t even know they were real” she smiled a sad smile “Abigail use to tell me stories about them before I went to bed. She would say that one day when I grew older that if I believed hard enough the stories she told me would come true.”

        He felt himself reach for her to take that sadness he knew she was feeling away, stopping before he could touch her he busied himself with cleaning up the camp. “I can’t imagine growing up with someone you thought were your real parents and it turns out they were only the help who lived in your real parents’ house.”

        This time she did look at him and the sadness turned to anger “the help” she spat at him “they were my real parents and I loved them with all my heart” tears of anger and sadness ran down her face. “When and I do mean when, I find my other parents I’ll get the whole story but they’ll never take the place of George and Abigail.” Standing up she brushed the dirt and tears away “I need to clean up” with that she marched out of the cave.

        Kieran had stopped his cleaning up and had been watching her. He couldn’t believe he had said what he did and didn’t know how to take it back or how to say sorry.

        Turning his eyes to the fox he was about to say something when it hiss and growled at him, following her out of the cave leaving him there alone.


       Galen knew better then to leave Kieran alone with anyone he found beneath him because he offended put his foot in his mouth. He also knew that if anyone could stand up to Kieran and maybe put him in his place it was Lylea.

        So he rode towards them but not in a fast pace, he could use his abilities to get there faster also but if they were going to live in the same house Kieran would have to find a way to talk to her and this was the perfect time.

        With a smile on his face he watched them in his looking glass and saw how she stormed out and the look on Kieran’s face was as he knew what he said was stupid and uncaring.

        When Kieran first came to Galen’s house he was only ten years of age. He would order everyone around and many of them quit after the first week. Galen had to double their pay to get them back and take the boy to the training house sooner then he wanted.

        Once there he made Kieran do choirs every day, at first he didn’t do them so he only got water and bread with jam for his meals. After a week of that he grew angry and wouldn’t eat at all, that only lasted a day and the next morning he was up before Galen feeding the chickens.

        While he did his choirs Galen fixed him his breakfast and the snack he knew the boy would need after only bread for a week.

        Months went by and the boy grew, not just his body but also his powers, his mind and his ability to back talk Galen at every turn. Galen took it only when Kieran did what he asked, but if he didn’t Galen would teach him better.

        When they got back to the main house Kieran was now sixteen and wouldn’t talk to anyone but Galen, if someone asked him something it had to be a yes or no question. The reason behind this was Galen had warned him if he so much as made one person quit Kieran would be doing that person choirs and his for a month.

        Galen smiled to himself and put the mirror away “yes she’ll be good for him” he said aloud.


       She was so mad that she hadn’t noticed where she was going until she walked out of the trees and into a field of clovers and purple wild flowers. The tears that had come with the anger and the sadness she felt for her parents were still running down her cheeks. Wiping them away she sat down and reached for her friend.

        “I knew you followed, thank you” Frisky rubbed his head under her chin trying to comfort her and himself.

        Lylea didn’t care how long she was away and she really did need to clean up from the ride. Calming down she made her way back to the camp site and then to the hot springs that was up and a few feet from the cave mouth, but out of the way Kieran couldn’t see her if she undressed.

        Slipping out of her riding clothes she slowly lowered herself into the hot water and sighed. “To bad we didn’t have this back at the house mom would’ve loved it and I think dad could’ve used it to help with his aching body.”


        Kieran knew she had run off without taking anything to change into or to dry off with after she cleaned up. Not knowing what she would want he grabbed her bag and after checking to make sure she wasn’t already in he sat it in a nook for her to find along with soap, and a towel.

        On his way back to the cave he heard her climbing up to the hot springs and hoped she would find everything. He was also hoping she would calm down enough so he could explain himself….no he shook his head, apologize to her for what he said.

        Galen had always warned him about thinking before he spoke but being around her he became confused and couldn’t control himself. It was like she bewitched him or put a spell on him without her even doing anything but sitting there.

        Kieran had women before 'mostly girls who giggled way to much for him', some more than once but he never became attached or wanted to, with any of them. But if she asked or even gave him a sign that she wanted him, he would do anything to keep her happy.

        But right now he didn’t know what to do and if he couldn’t fix this he was afraid Galen would send him away to another master now that he had a new apprentice.

        Kieran was only ten when he came to live with Galen and when his training was done and he turned sixteen Galen was going to send him to another master. That was the plan anyway to keep Kieran moving from one master to another until they knew he could stay safe. When that day came and Kieran waited for his new master, that day everything went along just like any other day. When night came and the man never came Kieran had wondered if he got the day wrong but the next day came and went with no new master.

        The next day at breakfast Kieran had asked if the man was coming to take him away. Galen smiled “plans change every day and for now you are staying with me.” That is where he left it and no matter how much Kieran asked him he wouldn’t say anything more on the matter.

        Now Kieran wondered if he couldn’t fix this if he would be going to another master because if Lylea was as good as Galen thinks then he would have to spend all his time with her until she got everything under control.


        Knowing she would have to get out soon she had forgotten that she hadn’t grabbed anything to dry off with or change into. She had found the soap on the rock and hoped he had thought to bring her bag with her clothes. Looking over the rocks she found Frisky had disappeared and after calling for him she saw him pop up out of her bag with a piece of dried meat.

        Swimming over to where he sat she grabbed her bag and had to smile. As she got dressed she had to think about what she was going to say or do when she got back to the cave.

        “You know if he thinks this makes up for him saying what he did he has another thing coming.” Frisky watched her “the help, what does he think and what does he really knows about me or my family?” She could feel the anger rising up all over again so she stopped and thought about breathing in and out like her mother taught her to do when she was little.

        She wasn’t going to allow him to keep her from remembering her parents as anything but her parents and how much she loved them. They wouldn’t want her to let him take away her happiness “never let anyone take anything away from you, not even your happiness.” Another one of her mother’s sayings that she would always tell Lylea when she would get mad at one of them or one of her animals.

        Grabbing up her stuff she headed back down and into the cave. Walking right by him she could feel the tension in the air but wasn’t going to be the one to break first.

        Seconds and then minutes went by before he couldn’t take it anymore and he turned to her “I’m sorry for what I said about your parents. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings and I hope you can forgive me.”

        Her back to him he watched her shoulders sage at his words “in a way I’m grateful for how I was raised and for who raised me. I loved my parents and no matter what anyone thinks they are my real parents.”

        He was so quite that she thought he had left until “when I was only ten my parents sent me to live with Galen. I was so angry that I took it out on anyone who was in my path. I caused Galen trouble he didn’t need and when it was time for me to get a new master I thought no one wanted me and I got angry all over again. But Galen didn’t send me away and I admit I still get mouthy with him but he has been more of a father to me then my own dad.”

        He had told her something without her even asking but after she didn’t say anything he headed for the cave opening “we’ll need more wood and possible food when Galen gets here, I’ll get the food if you’ll find more wood please.”

        This time Lylea watched as he walked out and she felt horrible for not saying anything. Looking at the wood pile she knew they would be ok no matter, but did as he asked to keep busy.


        Galen made good time and had already made it more than halfway there when he stopped to take a rest and water his horse. Cutting a few apples and tossing them to his horse, he sat back against a tree and brought out his looking glass to see just how they were getting along now.

        He found them both in the cave, Kieran was gutting fish and Lylea was taking care of their horses. She was rubbing them down, watering them and laying some large leafs for them so they had something other than rock to stand on. They were keeping busy and not speaking, and they weren’t even looking at each other.

        Sighing Galen watched them and wondered what he could do to help them get along. He couldn’t put a spell on Kieran because he would know about it, them being around each other he knows his magic and would figure it out. But Lylea, now she doesn’t know anything about magic and with the a little touch he could nudge her.

        Laying his hand over the image of her he thought about what he wanted her to do, he wasn’t strong in this magic like she would be but he can do somethings small.

        After forming the picture in his head he sent it out to her and opened his eyes praying it worked. The more stubborn you are the harder it is to nudge you to do anything and she was really stubborn.

        “Kieran what kind of magic do you have? I’ve seen what Galen can do and you’ve told me what you think I can do or will be able to do. But you never told me what you can do.”

        Kieran stopped what he was doing and thought about it, when he decided on what he wanted to say he began cleaning the fish again. “I can manipulate items with my words, I can make them do what I want them to and in doing so I can get things done easier.”

        “I don’t know what you mean” she sat next to him and started gathering up what he had cut from the fish.

        Holding up the fish he pointed to the stick he had sat up against the cave wall “take that stick and these fish. Now if I couldn’t do what I do I would still be out there by the lake fishing for our food. But because I can make the stick do what I want, it went out and speared the fish without me lifting no more than my arm to direct it.”

        The shocked look on her face not only made Kieran smile but Galen as well. After he watched a few more minutes Galen put his mirror away and continued eating his dinner. “There that should at least get them on better ground.”

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