A shocking consequence of the British Referendum.



Some very strange things have been happening to me since I voted in the Referendum to Remain in or to Leave the European Union.

I haven’t been getting any better so this morning I went to the doctor and explained that ever since early last Friday morning I’ve been feeling a bit, you know, off colour, not really myself. It's as if someone sneaked into my bedroom while I was asleep, siphoned the real me out (by means of a plastic pipe and a bucket) and replaced me with someone else.

The doctor confirmed it. He told me I wasn’t myself at all. It seems the real me has been replaced by a xenophobic, right wing, fascist, racist bastard.

So, this is a plea for help really. If anyone sees a pathetic, bodiless blob of pink stuff slithering about muttering pathetically, “I don’t rightly know which way to go” and “In or Out, it’ll be a disaster,” please, I beg you, let me know immediately.

Oh shit, better go, the bastard's back . . .


Picture: “GORM#6” by Rivenrod.  Acrylic, oils and charcoal on board.
© Rivenrod 2016
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