A Soldier's Homecoming



We greet our returning soldiers in this era more intimately than ever before. Read this with pride in your heart, and love for our young men and women finally home and away from harm's way. God bless America.


It's been a long time since America embraced our homecoming soldiers as we did after World War II. Having lived through a time when our returning Viet Nam soldiers were largely met with disdain and fear, it's seems we may have very well come full circle and are yet again greeting our returning young men and women with the kind of warm Norman Rockwell-ish pride as we did back when that famous Time's Square kiss was taken. We're not seeing much in the way of ticker tape parades this go around.

 We are, however, experiencing a level of intimacy and personal involvement in each and every single homecoming now thanks to our new world of smart cell phones with their built-in video cameras in so many hands. There's always a new scene on Youtube of a returning soldier shocking his little girl or his little boy or both. Thanks to social media the world is celebrating our soldiers' homecomings as intimately as one could have ever imagined. It's good for all of to actually become invited to experience ourselves the beauty of family, and the sacrifice our soldiers make to protect them and us as well.

 God bless America. And God bless our soldiers and their families.

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