Bringing Back The Dead — Chapter 5&6



All is not what it seems.......The discovery of the dead girl raises some serious concerns for the Inspector LeRoy and his team

Chapter 5

Hobson was standing around drinking coffee with the rest of the team when Le Roy arrived. He had no time for niceties, he was on the news clock now. Ok show me what you got. He gestured to his partner to join him, and they moved swiftly across the yard to where the dead body lay illuminated under a large arc lamp. He walked around the marked off area, then squatted down to study the crumpled naked body of the girl. He was surprised that decomposition had not yet set in. The body was marked, and he took out his pen and began probing the deep cuts on the torso.

Let's talk about the lacerations said Hobson, matter of factly. Pharensics says they where caused by nails. What like builders nails said LeRoy thinking that would explain the irregularity and depth of the tears nothing surprised him or any of his team anymore they’d all been doing this kind of thing for too long and they thought they'd seen it al when it came to how people kill. they were past being shocked

No no said Hobson they're finger nails and that’s not all DNA tests say the nails belong to a fully grown male silverback gorilla. LeRoy literally jumped, what the ....the words faded away. He was impressed.

He stood up and took a step back, he studied the jagged tears to the skin from different angles . The rest of the team moved closer to get a better look and to hear the rest of Hobson’s report

'So here's the thing, we've done two comparison DNA tests now and both have produced positive matches the scratches. They were definitely made by a silverback gorilla however, King Kong isn't the only one to leave their mark, unless he's learned some nifty knife wielding techniques. She’s had her throat slashed, the wound is clean so it looks like it was a blade, most likely a medical knife, maybe a scalpel.

And here's something else for you to think about no finger Prints anywhere the place is clean as a whistle, And if that didn't blow your socks off, No DNA match, or blood type from the body, Nothing nada zilch the girl don't exist on any database

A collective woah! Of disbelief Came from the assembled team they buzzed with the enormity if what they just heard. Not having DNA was impossible it was the structure by which we all existed, it was the string the tied the world together. but Hobson wasn't finished he spoke over the din.

And just for good measure she's been vacuum wiped clean.

Glances and puzzled looks where exchanged around the team, but nobody spoke directly to the senior detectives. They just grunted in disbelief. Then took stock considered the implications, then stared at the body in disbelief.

We'll take her back to the morgue for a micro DNA scan but looks pretty much like the same M.O. as the girl they found up in the Bronx.

LeRoy nodded he didn't respond, his body language gave nothing away. He just stood looking thoughtful for a moment before he spoke.

Ok a full visual and data scan, sweep the place again, then check it in, box it up and let's get outta here.

The team were disappointed, they wanted a reaction from the boss. Something they could join in with. Instead everybody moved away,keeping their thoughts to themselves, nobody was saying anything.

LeRoy knew what they were all thinking he'd been exactly the same just a few days ago. Hobson and Shivie Sylvester were talking quietly to each other, LeRoy gestured for them to join him away from the rest of the team.

This isn't what it seems guys said LeRoy, go with me on this and I'll explain it all later. The two men nodded and returned to the rest of the team.

Shivie Sylvester was feeling confused his role as a crime scene DA was to advice the crime team how to proceed, once the victim and the criminal had had been identified. It was pretty straight forward, everybody’s DNA was recorded and was available on a huge worldwide database. When a crime occurred the criminal could be identified pretty quickly. Even when it was a planned crime and the perpetrators, thought they could cover their tracks, by wearing gloves and overalls, they would usually be discovered, but these types of crimes where very rare, and even the most professional criminal couldn't leave a crime scene completely clean. There would be clues which would eventually be discovered by the investigation team.

Shivie's job was to make sure the correct procedures were followed at a crime scene, to ensure that once the perpetrators had been identified, an arrest could be made quickly. That meant signing off the necessary DNA subpoenas and warrants which would need to be authorised, and then made available when requested. If these processes where carried out correctly, the trial and conviction process could be concluded usually within 48hours.

The reason why most murder cases were solved so quickly and without appeal would be the infallibility of DNA as evidence. It was accepted universally that everyone has a unique DNA string. Advanced in criminal science had meant that once a suspects DNA has been identified, their trail they left could be followed. Once entered into the DNA tracking system a superpower search engine could trace the criminal and map his movements and of course his hiding place within minutes. Shivie just made sure the cops followed the rules and didn't make any processing mistakes before they picked them up. It was the sound of LeRoy's voice standing close to him that roused him from his thoughts.

Ok guys, LeRoy spoke quietly to Shivvie and Hobson so nobody else on the team could hear.

Let's keep this in-house for now said the senior officer firmly So what's going asked Shivvie inhospitable own hushed tone.

Leroy took a look around to made sure none of the other team could overhear their conversation. The reason the victim has no DNA is because she’s not human she’s a clone, same profile as the body they found up in the Bronx.

So what are we doing here, said Hobson, sounding confused. If she isn’t human why are we treating this like a murder, LeRoy didn’t have to think about an answer, because, he had asked the same question, and Luther Brock the chief coroner at GlenTech had told him. Because we don't know if the murderer knows that, Just think about what they did to her, and what she had been doing herself, she was sexually active had been drinking and taking drugs. That’s not clone behavior, that’s human behavior. The privileged officers digested their bosses answer, before Hobson followed up his first question. The other one, the one in the Bronx, was she or it, he was unsure how to describe the victims, Where they murdered the same way? Hobson struggled over his choice of words how do you describe what they had discovered. Leroy gave a nod, That would explain the crime report, continued Hobson. it said they couldn’t get a DNA trace because of a contaminated DNA reader and then they say she had an anomaly with her DNA string whatever that might mean, he looked annoyed, So it was all bullshit? One prize pile of it I’m afraid said Leroy. Moving on, he had summed it all up, Look this isn’t the kind of thing you shout about he said, we’ve got to keep this to ourselves until we can figure it out. Both men nodded in agreement, He continued, so we need comparisons, he looked at ,Hobson, I'll get on to it as soon as they’d finished here. LeRoy advised him to contact Luther Brock at GlenTech morgue and fill him in on what we’ve got, he’s aware of the situation. He turned to Shivvie, What do you think?

Shivvie had neen feeling uneasy about being on an un resolved crime scene case. Now his mind was blown. No DNA was one thing but the victim not being human. He'd never heard of anything like it. He was used to all crimes being solvable
Even back cases were being resolved. Using time elapsed DNA samples to resolve old crimes had become a business for Some enterprising ex. cops. A couple of Ex's He knew had set up a buy out team that won a contract to go through pre compulsory DNA criminal cases. They received a bounty for solving crimes, and their clear up rate was nearly 75%. Eighty year old guys in nursing homes where being pulled in for murderers they committed in their teens, But this was different, No DNA so no victim, so how can it be murder, how can you arrest someone for killing a clone? And who had the technology or the expertise to build these things in the first place.

LeRoy was thinking about what he was going to say at the press conference he was due to give shortly, He'd need authorization before he could say anything that might be at all revealing. He couldn’t tell the world that they didn't have clue who the victim was, let alone that they were clones. Time to call the boss he said to the watching officers

LeRoy had been at Glen Tech two days ago, he thought it was just going to be an informal off the record briefing about the first dead girl. Her body had Been found under the Bronx expressway in a drain tunnel. His boss captain Marine was at the meeting as was lead coroner at Glen Tech Luther Brock. Brock was recognized as a leading expert on DNA profiling and had been part of the NASA team that had pioneered life strain auto tracking. Which was a form of the old super advanced Google Earth satellite technology.

Being able to track a person through their DNA became possible when it was discovered that not only is DNA unique but it has one other personalized characteristic, it resonates it's own sound wave. A wave that once identified can be traced tracked and pinned down. It was NASA Scientist who having managed to harness these unique frequencies then went on to develop the super technology required to trace people through their DNA coordinates.

At Glen tech the two officers where taken to one of the operating rooms where the girls body lay naked on an mortuary slab. Brock was waiting and wasted little time on niceties he delivered his report concisely

The victim was of Asian persuasion she was 15 and was sexually active she had had her throat slashed and had been tied up and beaten. She had also been slashed by a Silver back Gorilla but that didn't kill her, it's my guess the monkey scratches came later. The body had been thoroughly vacuum wiped and their were no traces of any other DNA saliva or bodily fluids present.

Her blood type is a synthetic Miss -match and she has no recognizable DNA. She does have a mutated version which is neither unique or traceable in other words she is what old time police officers used to call Jane DOE — She's perfect in every way apart from one other thing, she's a clone, Now this my friends is a first....,,,,

Brock went on to give s full anatomical report on the body, How all her body parts were synthetic, from her heart to her brain all realistic in appearance but actually manufactured parts. Slicing open the brain revealed a micro computer. It had left the two men confused, so was this a murdered girl or just a broken toy asked Marine

LeRoy was remembering the meeting as he pressed Captain Marines office number

The police captain picked up and introduced himself, then waited for LeRoy to speak.

You ready for a second one, he said. He then went on to explain the circumstances of the latest murder. This is going to get us a bad bad press, said Marine. A victim, and we’ve got nobody to pin it on. its unheard off and they’ll want to know why. He chose to call them victims, because without an ID they couldn’t be anything else. He told LeRoy, He needed to bring his 'A'game, to the TV preser he was going to give in about Five minutes. They discussed options on what they should and shouldn’t say, Then LeRoy had an idea, which made Captain Marine smile.

The two men spoke for a few more minutes before LeRoy finished the call then gathered the team around the body..

Chapter 6

Captain Marine sat silently thinking through the natures of the two most unusual crimes. Which he was 99% sure were connected. He played out the conversation he was going to have with the mayors office. We've got a killer on the loose, he would say. We’ve found bodies that would be true even if it was a little vague. Could he tell them they’re just not human?

He knew what ever he said it was going to take this case to whole new level. His conversation with the LeRoy had been Procedural they discussed how they were going to catch a killer
The conversation he was about to have with the mayors office was going to be about damage limitations avoiding bad press, was all they would be interested in. The mayors office would want to take charge of the story. This was the TV sideshow that always came with cases like this, He knew he didn’t have the time to be sidetracked so LeRoy's little story may just buy them a little extra press free time. Meanwhile he had convened his own special meeting with security experts and government special agencies for later today. Such was the significance of this crime. Cloned humans where now a part of society, but regeneration was strictly controlled. It took a DNA protocol to bring back someone who was dead, but with Synthesized DNA, that could change everything.He asked himself Is killing a regenerated clone even a murder. They had found two dead bodies, It couldn’t be just chance that the two victims would have no DNA records, Is this some kind of new age Serial killer he wondered. He flicked through the case file to date. It was incomplete, he scrolled through the data, and shook his head in disbelief, This is 2152 and we’ve got a big nothing, he was frustrated. He threw the file on to his desk. We should have at least a something he thought. he tried to reassure himself with the thought, If we can catch Jack The Ripper, we can catch this killer

The celebrated 19th century serial killer Jack the Ripper was one of the first retro DNA trials. Richard Cornwalliss the Queens physician had been identified after a DNA investigation and the partial rebirth of one of his victims Mary Kelly for a TV show back in 2100. By them DNA evidence was already infallible. Once matched it was foolproof. Such was the weight of support for the reliability of DNA It was quickly acknowledged by law makers all over the world. It became a tenant of international law. It's unique properties made most criminal processes an open and shut case.

What worried. captain Marine, was who was clever enough to create their own synthetic DNA. And who had the capacity to make their own clones. and why kill them. Even more puzzling why would they kill them as if they they were human.

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