Hello there!, This is my first attempt at writing a story, I hope you like it. A simple chapter of a book I am writing... Marietta is unique, she...Well, better if you discover her in my stories. ;-)

It was a Sunday and a fabulous day in the sunny city of Barcelona. It was the crack of dawn and a cat that could be easily mistaken for a hairy balloon will not stop meowing.  He had attempted to jump up to Marietta’s bed just to say “Good morning”, but instead tried to climb the duvet, with difficulty due to his titanic size, which did not work out so well as every paw that tried to lift his heavy bulk ended up in pulling the duvet completely off the bed. The mammoth feline leapt terrified when he heard a thunderous earthquake of a snore.

The cat resigned, waddled down to the kitchen to eat but found that he had already devoured his breakfast and to his disgust proceeded to the dog bowl, it was that or have to wait for Marietta’s mother to feed him more.

The dog looked at him disgusted and astonished and as per the norm started to protest, as usual the oversized cat bristled his fur and showed his sharp claws, and that was the way they made their daily deal.

Marietta woke up and was a little puzzled on why her duvet lay on the floor, but also excited to be going to the beach. It was a warm day and she was looking forward to wearing her new leopard skin bikini.

Marietta was unaware that her mother had made other plans. Marietta’s mother wanted her to expand her knowledge of general culture, so she had decided to organise the day at the museum of modern art, where also taking place was an important exhibition, she hadn’t any clue at all herself, but according to her thoughts her daughter will achieve some “verbal prestige” as she would say, and that it will be very useful for her future job as an assistant costume designer in fashion shows in Prague.

-Good morning my favourite model! I’ve made plans for us to enjoy the whole Sunday!

-Really, because I just prepared my beach bag! –Marietta interrupted her very enthusiastically; meanwhile she was barrelling straight to the fridge looking for her breakfast, which consisted of 4 eggs, 4 sausages, 12 strips of bacon and 3 tubs of yogurt.

-Oh No my dear! Today we’re going to the museum of modern art to visit an acclaimed artist who is opening his exhibition; we can’t miss this as it was very difficult to get my hands on the invites. And I might add we are going to be rubbing shoulders with important and elite people from Prague and I want you to be able to give us a taste of one of your great cultural speeches.

- What?! Museum of what?! You couldn’t have planned something more boring for today, could you? Why, we can also watch paint dry too? – She reproached her mother with her mouth full of eggs and bacon.

-Look, you have to remember, you have to socialize and network to get anywhere in this world, it’s not only about cakes and ice cream. You also need to make appearances’ at cultural openings in order to get contacts in the “VIP” sector. 

- The only air I need is the breeze of the beach. Somehow, I doubt I’ll get to feel this where we’re heading.

And don’t forget I also want to get a colour because my idea is to be able to strut my stuff in the upcoming fashion show.

-Enough is enough, Marietta! I make the decisions around here and I am the leader of the public relations committee here in city, so get dressed and if there is time left after the museum maybe we will be able to go to the beach…- commented her mother meanwhile a picture came to Marietta’s mothers mind about the last time she was at the nudist beach with Giuseppe, Ahhh… now that was a living roman sculpture to remember.

-Fine!, but I’m bringing my beach bag.- replied Marietta with a tone of resignation like that of a naive girl, because in her inner soul, there was an innocent girl hiding, well, one or two, it depends the way you look at her.



Marietta got lost in one of the larger rooms in the museum, meanwhile her mother was socializing with an unknown man who was supposedly an expert of Modern Art, and not to mention her interest in his physical features that made her feel like a teenager.

Marietta lumbered along looking bewildered, without any understanding of the nature of the artworks being exhibited, well, at least she was not the only one, most of the other people present also had the same pained look. She didn’t try to hide her ignorance, unlike the other people who were pretending to be connoisseurs looking snobbish, but really in Mariettas own words is “WTF?!”.

Marietta passed a room that contained a sculpture of an obese woman, a mirror, a red hat and three blue roses on the floor.

After very carefully glancing about she smiled and commented to herself: “I gotcha! I got the message!” This means it’s an invitation to try on the hat and to look into the mirror! Yes, I’m a genius; I can understand the true meaning of this exhibit.

And quickly she donned the hat and posed in front of the mirror.

What she didn’t know, was that behind the mirror was the creator of the artwork, who observed her with a kindly smile, at the same time approached her and with a gentle voice and asked her:

- Would you like to be my model for my next piece?

-Yes! I would love it! – She exclaimed very enthusiastically, imagining herself getting the opportunity to wear glamorous clothing and being portrayed on the front page of fashion magazines “The artist model of the year in the fashion world”

- You are an adorable person. What’s your name?

- Marietta. And yours is?

- Heriberto.


Marietta was excited. She went out happy looking for her mother, who had stayed talking with an elegant gentleman who had a very luxury watch.

Very skilled in personal relationships, she never waste her time in what she used to call “unattractive specimens”.  They only have to fill one or two requirements: Impressive bank account or Impressive corporal structure (this last one required as well an intimate verification), or both. In this case the first one was fulfilled.

- Mum!- She shouted of joy, scream that sounded in the silent room in a way that could change even the quiet expression of the Mona Lisa.

Her mother looked at her in a disappointed mode because she just had interrupted her conversation with the rich gentlemen and apologised telling him she would like to continues the talk in another moment because she appreciated his deep knowledge of the modern art, and her intention to buy an artwork in the future. They exchanged their telephone numbers and they exchanged a lustful gaze that was immediately disturbed by what looked like a Botero ‘s picture of a big girl running to her at the time that she tripped over a box with bitten apple and two snails inside which  title  of the artwork was “The transcendence of the spiritual from the ephemeral”.

-Mum! I have to tell you that was a brilliant idea to come to this museum. I have met an artist and he wanted me to became his model for portrayed me in an artwork and I think I will be portrayed in the most fashion magazine “Tamara” in the cover!. And now I am getting in the fashion world I think is great, isn’t it?

- I knew something great was going to happen, tell me, where is that artist?- Her mother exclaimed exited.

- In a room behind the coffee shop. Let’s go and I will introduce you to him.

And they left the room which had a quote on the wall “Everything you can imagine is real- Pablo Picasso”.


They arrived to the room that was completely empty, just a cleaner woman was sweeping the floor.

-Are you sure was here where the artist was?

-Yes mum, here was the artwork. Hold on, I will ask to the woman.

- Excuse me madam, Do you know where an artist with his artwork arte? He was here a few minutes ago. He is an old man who was wearing big glasses.

- There wasn’t any artwork, either any old man with big glasses, my dear.- Answered the lady surprised with the question.

-It can’t be possible! I was here and there was a little red hat and a mirror and…

Marietta got speechless when she saw the waitress coming with a giant burger and chips. She looked at her mother who understood everything immediately: Marietta needed to be feed something else than her soul. As It seemed it was causing acumination to her daughter.

The cleaner smiled and kept sweeping.

They were in the bar ordering a menu when an old man with a big mirror passed close them and winked Marietta.

-Mum! That is the artist, look!- She exclaimed pointing him with her finger.

Her mother looked up where Marietta pointed and she just saw a big mirror with an inscription on the top that said “Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Marietta and her mother were very confused, astonished, thwarted: the burgers were gone.

Behind the mirror somebody was observing them. He wore a little hat and smiled kindly. 





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