It Comes (Part 12) Face to Face



The next part in my horror story

After Charlie left the pharmacy, he went to the nearest diner, sat down, ordered a cup of coffee, and proceeded to take triple his normal dose of pills. "This should keep me going for a while." He thought. He found himself thinking about something else, though. "Keep me going? For what? Where the fuck am I gonna go? Am I gonna have to go from city to city, or country to country? I can't run for the rest of my life. Wherever I go, this thing, this beast will find me. There's got ti be a way to stop it. To kill it!!! I have to find a way. But how can I stop something when I don't even know what it is? What if I kill the gypsy woman? Maybe that will put an end to this monster. Or maybe it'll just piss it off even more.

Charlie weighed his options for a few minutes while he waited for the coffee and pills to kick in. Just as he was about to gulp down the last of the coffee, Charlie heard a scream. A blood curdling, ear piercing scream. When he looked up from his table, what he saw was unlike anything he had ever seen in his life. There, at the other end of the diner, standing about eight feet tall, and staring straight at him, was the beast. The scream came from the waitress which the beast now had in his grip.

"Shit!" Charlie gasped "It's here!"

He was frozen in place. He didn't know what to do. The beast glared at him with burning red eyes. It pierced right through Charlie's very soul. Charlie felt a knot forming in his stomach. Tears were streaming down the face of the waitress now. Then, the unthinkable happened. In one quick movement, the beast ripped the waitresses head clean from her body. It made a sickening sound as it did this. Like a dull knife slicing through a slab of raw meat. Blood was spraying everywhere. On the walls, on the floor, some even got on Charlie. He felt like he wanted to puke. Then he did.

The waitresses torso fell to the floor with a sickening thud, while the beast still held her head in his hand. He was staring at it, almost as if he were admiring it, like some kind of sick trophy. Blood dripped from the neck where her body should have been. A pool of blood started forming around the body as it oozed out of the stump.

"Pity" Charlie thought "She was so young. Too young for it to end like this." But Charlie had other thoughts on his mind right now. Like being paralysed with fear. He couldn't believe the scene that had just played out before him. He had seen many a horror movie, but now he was living one. The beast continued to stare at the head of the waitress, as if it were entranced by it.

Charlie slowly started to step backwards, hoping not to be noticed. Then, as if waking up from a daydream, the beast snapped his head toward Charlie, his eyes burning with rage. It let out a shriek, the likes that Charlie had never heard before. Then it lunged at him.

Two words came to Charlie's mind. "FUCK ME!!!"

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