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This is a short story of a modern and working couple and how society influences their choices!

Well to-do, well settled and well endowed. That’s Mr. & Mrs. Gupta for you.

Rohan and Ragini Gupta were three years into their harmonious marriage. They set sail being classmates and now share more than just books! Today, they share a successful business, blissful moments every day and a vow to spend each living moment with each other.

Rohan, although a pure genius at the brain, his heart is wired to be diverted to emotions. Whereas Ragini, creative and solid as a rock. Together they have made love spread around in their surroundings. Be it at work, or their buddies they were renowned for their wit and kindness.

But as haters’ going to hate, people are seen talking behind their backs. About what one might think, given the Gupta couple seems idyllic. But people have a nasty habit of not letting others live their lives. As if it’s their business, when clearly it’s not! People (the usual pesky kind- neighbors and relatives) bug Rohan and Ragini’s parents as they are without a kid, as of yet. For a year now their parents have played on front foot but as the ball changed, so has their stance.

Both families have now introduced ‘it’s time to have kids now’ to the happy couple. Being modern and changing with times, Rohan and Ragini are not too keen towards having kids. Not that they don’t want to, it’s just they have never thought of it. They have been busy, being happy! J

Rohan being the impassioned of the two, has been pondering over the same. Last couple of days, since his mother has been talking to him, he sees kids everywhere. In their colony, on the way to work or in malls. He never realized this, but kids take up almost 30% of the entire population! Funny, he always turned a blind eye towards this… Now, no more blind eye, after glimpsing a ton of cute kids, he is developing a certain fondness.

Ragini, being the creative type has been occupied with art and books. For her, these things coupled with a great family is enough. She is content (in a healthy manner never ignoring her ambitions). She doesn’t visualize her earning a million dollars or driving the best of cars. Instead she feels glad to be doing what she loves, along with her husband and having blessed with two sets of amazing parents. Life couldn’t be better for her.

So when Rohan kicks off with THE topic, Ragini finds herself taken aback. She is surprised herself how SHE never thought of having kids, given the generic notion women always want kids. “I’m not for it Rohan, neither I am against having kids”, she explains Rohan. Rohan, sharing a similar feeling suggests a pros and cons list. After an hour, in a diary after one column filling up more than the other they arrive at a decision.

In a few days, they have a kid! Adopted, Yes!

Rohan and Ragini’s parents are called home and introduced to the new member. Confused as hell, the elderlies look wide-eyed. The mothers have tiny droplets forming in corner of their eyes.

“Why?” they ask the couple.

“This makes us happy, Ma and Pa” say Rohan and Ragini. “Isn’t that enough?”

The question answers itself and they calmly accept the situation. Yes, Rohan and Ragini are happy. That’s enough for the parents.

Unaware to these discussions, the puppy sleeps peacefully in Ragini’s arms.


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