Journals of a Psychopath.



Mother is scary with steel grey eyes.

Mother's House

Getting out of the car and knocking the door, mother opened it, and she frowned. Leading us inside, mother sank onto the couch, Charlenson and I stood and gaped. Mother was ready to criticize, but sis attempted to save me some pain.
      “Clarkson has some good traits.”
Lumbering to her feet and mother stood in front of Charl’s, she was big, and she slapped sis.
      “Let me see them?” Hanson called out.
He saved my sister.
      “You tire so easily,” Darlenson said.
      “Please mother?”
      “Alright he can see you, wash your hands before you go in.”
Dawdling upstairs to the washroom and the aged flight of stairs evoked previous fears. The door to my bedroom scraped, as I opened it, and the room was the same.
      “This is where mother raped you,” the Declarer said.
Created from fine material and the drapes fragile, I closed the hangings. Swerving downstairs to the bottom of the yard, I leaned against the bark of the tree. Focusing my viewing-disks on the bedroom window and just visible through the threadlike rust colored drapes, mother's shadow was swaying. Swishing the curtains open and she peered I was motionless. Clutching the old tree, I caught my breath I was troubled. I ran into the house.
      “We will come to see Hanson another time,” I said to Charlenson.
      “Yes that is wise,” sis replied.

Hightower my horse in the dream

Speeding off when I dismounted and I was worried my steed would not find his way back, trailing Hightower my boots sodden by the snow. Hearing his whinny, I was concerned.
      “Hightower I am coming to you.”
Hurrying in the direction of the sound the trees crackled.
      “Can you tell me where my steed is?”
The alien trees paid no attention and roaming inland from the stream, I was stressed I might lose my bearings. Hightower was nowhere to be seen. Sitting down to rest, I needed to drink some bourbon. Hurtling through the trees and Hightower stopped short when he saw me.
      “All will be okay Lad.”
He understood and Hightower licked my face, I stroked his ears.
      “Not long now and we will find her.”
I was anxious the tension built and Hightower stared through the trees.
      “Come on lad we must continue,” I said.

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