The Best Butty Bar Girls!



Short samples, the first in the series showcasing short true, yes true stories showing what happens when builders, construction workers and tradesmen meet members of the public in their homes, as we build towards creating a screenplay for television! Shameless for the Building Industry!

Somewhere in Leeds.

“Tania, you got that hair spray?”

“Yes love; just using it, I’ll get our uniforms out when you get out of the shower!”

“Ok, should be a good day lass, glad we did that business course!”

“Ha-ha too right bird, even better cos we even got brass together to buy van, and convert it to our butty shop!”

Tania is 26, slim brunette and stunning when dressed up but really rough underneath due to her choice of lifestyle. Her sister, Jen is just the same. Sex on legs but rinsers.

“Passes that wonder bra luv, look at my fucking tits Jen! Fucking huge! Them builders be going wild for us today bird! Love this fucking tight black uniform, makes me look all fucking high end!”

She twirls in the mirror, admiring her stunning reflection. Tits nearly touching her chin, stomach flat and hips wide..A true sexual goddess.

Jen strolls in, looking equally hot, the only difference is her fishnet tights!

“Glad we made that fucking van up last night pet; neighbours would fucking faint from wanking or staring if they saw us in this get up!”

“Yeah bird, him at number 4 would, dirty fuckers always twitching them curtains!”

“We’ll have to ring Alan at business centre to tell him how we did! He helped us so fucking much. Pulling us from claiming jobseekers to going on that business course down Harehills, best handjob I ever gave sis!” She laughs!

“Yea, fucker even hid our bad credit to work the system and got us two grand, take a pic doll and send him it with love!” She pouts!

“Push them tits up (click) done, funny as, he be wanting that handjob again when he sees this!”

“Will fucking have to start paying like rest of fuckers then!”

They both burst into a crazy bout of laughing as they dance to radio music. Tight black dresses, big tits swaying as they work the fag stained carpet with black high heels.

One hour later they pull into a side street, a huge refurb site is just across the road. They both skip out of the van and set up.

Jen and Tania’s Butty Bar sign prominently displayed on the roadside.
Best makeup on, they set up and wait.

A smartly dressed office type approaches trousers, shirt, white hard hat and an air of authority around him.

“Good morning ladies, bacon and egg please, brown sauce and a black coffee please.”
“Ha-ha morning luv, you like brown eh!”

Jen and Tania look at each other and wink.
Manager type blushes.

“Oh I meant sauce of course, my names James, the site manager in charge of the latest phase of refurbishment. Nice outfits by the way!”

His eyes clinging like a second skin to the tight dresses and overflowing boobs.

“You beautiful ladies be staying long, I have a crew of 35 lads be hungry at 930, shall I send them over?”

“Ha-ha thank you James, please do, we aim to please!”

She makes the sandwich.
“£2.50 but £2 to you handsome!”

Flattered, James smiles and as Tania passes it him, she feels his hand, seemingly by accident!
James blushes and he goes all shy!

“Don’t blush James, we don’t bite, well Jen does, she’s a wild one her but that’s another story. Be sure to call back with more men!”

He passes Jen the money who then licks her red lips as she takes it off him and purrs like a tiger…

Sporting an obvious bulge, James smiles and hurries off back to cabin!

“Ha-ha Jen, see that fucker blush, we be sitting on a fucking goldmine I tell ya, Alan was right!”
“Yes Tan, these fuckers aint met women like us before, married, two kids, a fuck once a week with a wife of twenty years ha-ha we’ll rinse these fuckers better than Hotpoint! Ha-ha!”

“Look, yellow hat coming!”

“Hello big boy see anything you like!”

“Fucking hell you two are red hot! Let’s see, mmmm I’ll have a couple of those hot buns!”
“Ha-ha I bet big boy, I reckon they too hot for ya!”
“I’d likes to feel them to see how hot they are!”

“It’s 2.50 for bacon and egg love, everything else might be for sale though!”

“Oooohh, I’ll have bacon and egg luv! Only got 3 quid!”
“3 quid not get you far luv!” They all start laughing!

“Bring fifteen quid tomorrow or go bank and Jen will sort you out if you need a hand, if you knows what I means!”

Jen licks her lips and puts a finger out, encircles it with her thumb and fore finger and pretends to wank it off!

“£15 quid and Jen will get you in side door for some hand magic!”

“Ha-ha, I’ll be fucking back, going bank baby doll!”

“Better be quick love we go at 2.30 and its 9.25 now. Tell your mates, me and Jen will sort you out for 15 ha-ha!”

Tania blows him a kiss!
“We are gona be the best butty bar girls in Leeds! “

They both look at him and lick their luscious red lips!
Off he runs!

“Told you Jen, these fuckers be coming round to flat next ha-ha that business plan we did was right, first you need to create exposure, offer something cheap as a loss leader, promote your true profit making model and create repeat custom. Ha-ha I knew I wasn’t dumb at school, mam would be so fucking proud of us, we is business women now bird!

They high 5 and get the lube ready as a group of 5 men appear waving!


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