Spiderman Vs Superman: Let's compare



So who came first? Spiderman or Superman?

Spiderman Vs Superman: Let's compare


So who came first? Spiderman or Superman?

Who intro'd their premiere superhero first? Marvel or DC?

Both these heroes have become widely known as their respective Comic giant's ultimate good guy superhero fantastico. Let's take a look at some similarities first:

I can't help but wonder if these traits are exactly what makes them so popular with readers, I can agree that they are what make them super awesome to me :-)
Mind orgasmic powers aside, their personalities and willpower are what stand out as they use these to overcome some of their most challenging moments.
After doing the above table, I gawked at it, shocked at how many similarities there are. I mean sure over the years there has been back and forth between Marvel & DC, creating characters similar to one another. But this one, this one is major for me.
We all grew up with them, cheered for them and agonized with them at the heartfelt moments of comic book history.

So the answer to the question is........(Drum roll please)............................................................
Superman!!!! Tadarattada!!

Superman's first appearance was April 18, 1938.
Spiderman's first appearance was Aug. 1962.

Let me start by saying I'm huge fan of Stan Lee (I mean who isn't). But it does beg the question, did Superman's fame influence the creation of Spiderman? Did Stan Lee use those same characteristics to come up with our favorite web-slinger? According to Mr. Lee, the creation was due to increased demand of Teenage readers and the desire to create a character with whom teens could identify.

I will always be a true and blue Superman Mega Mondo fan so hearing that answer to the question I posed......made me smile. I'm glad Superman came first (Cosmic justice), I also found out just how long Superman has enthralled fans for.
Sorry if you were looking for a Superman Vs Spiderman showdown debate, but it was more me just comparing them in popularity and stature.

Found this awesome post on comparisons.

Who's your favorite Superhero & why?

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