Blood Lines The Curse



A letter from Emma's grandmother, Hattie. deliver after her death in a locked box along with items that only add to the mystery and answers none of the questions. One item however might hold the key to all of it.

My Dearest Emma,


I am so sorry that I was unable to be there to watch you grow up but I know that your mother did what she felt was best for you.  I would have done no less had it been me.

I don’t know what darkness follows this family and even I wonder if it is the right thing to draw you back in.  If you are reading this, then for some reason you have decided to come back and face whatever it is.  I want to tell you to leave now, put a torch to this house, and never look back.  However I don’t think that will resolve the matter.  I want you to be safe.  Unfortunately you finding the answers may be the only way to insure your future.

I have to wonder about the fact that you were born a girl.  There had only been one other female child born in this family who made it to adulthood.  Patricia Rose was born to Albert and Madeline on September 30, 1933.  Patricia Rose was born with a mental handicap resulting from a lack of oxygen that left her childlike.  When she got older she never developed internally like she should have.  I think you being a female you will understand but if you don’t well the simplest way to put it was that she never became a full grown woman.  She died August 27, 1960 just before her twenty seventh birthday.

Outside of Madeline no matter how many times the women expected a child only one would survive to adulthood.  The males who made it to adulthood never made it to their fortieth birthday.

As for as I know none of the women who married into this family knew about any of this until after they had been married for some time.  No one ever talked about it openly.  Madeline and I didn’t talk about it until after her daughter had died.  I started to take your father and leave with him but I didn’t.  Then you were born and I watched you carefully.  When I saw how you grew and you were such a healthy happy little girl I began to wonder if maybe we had been wrong about everything.  Then your father reached his fortieth birthday and I really started to think that things had turned around.  They hadn’t.

Emma my sweet beautiful granddaughter you are now in your early thirties and I grow more and more concerned of what might happen to you.  Find the answer Emma and find it as fast as you can.  Put whatever it is that has plagued this family to rest and please live a long and healthy life.  Have many babies and watch them grow up and have babies of their own.  Most importantly grow old my sweet and think of me every now and then and know you were and always will be loved.


All my love,


Your Grandmother

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