Journals of a Psychopath.



Even in the psychopath's dreams the Lady Flarice haunts him.

Sir Richard the dream

      “Come on tell me where this Knight is,” he said.
      “He is in a faraway land and he envisions matters of the insane."
      “Tell me more about him.”
      “Lady Flarice is his passion and he deigns to pilfer her.”
Simultaneously the crowd groaned, highly perfumed, the scent drifted into my nose, and I was impatient. My steed stomped the ground with his hoof. Hightower’s breath snorted from his flared nostrils, he was ready to obey the command.
      “You must sojourn until we can agree who owns her.”
A commoner attempted to take my steed, he was skittish, I moderated him by stroking his neck, and he nuzzled my hand. Following the fragrant horde into the gigantic foyer and I gained access to the ballroom.
      “May I take your cloak my Lord?” The Squire asked.
Giving him the cloak, he analyzed my body clad in the splendid attire. The ballroom was decked with colors, reds and purples draped the table laden with rich food. Glittering in silks and satins, the Ladies leading the court were excited. A huge blaze roared in the grate and dense black smoke escaped up the massive chimney.

The Lady Flarice in the dream

As a Queen, the Lady Flarice was attired in a dark-green robe the silver brocade adorning it glittered. Lady Flarice’s tiny waist was accentuated. Her bulging breasts were revealed in the square mirror at the top of the steps. A silver crown inset with precious gems nestled in her hair. Sir Richard met the Lady Flarice at the bottom of the marble-stairs.
      “You look sensational,” he said.
Presenting his arm and the two-paced, the Lady Flarice was graceful. Sir Richard eyed me and he scowled. Lady Flarice freaked when she saw my gaze locked on her, she diverted her vista-spheres. Grasping the Lady Flarice’s hand and Sir Richard tugged her possessively, I fumed, because the Lady Flarice was a traitor, and she spurned me.
Pure white-hot fury stabbed my heart. Strolling onto the dance floor, I parted two dancers.
      “Can I have the next dance?”
Dancing alongside a delectable Lady, the ballroom was full, and the gorgeous women were conceited, the Ladies fluttered their eyelashes. I saw Sir Richard and Lady Flarice dancing they seemed a perfect couple. The Lady Flarice glanced and then she relocated closer to Sir Richard, he wrapped his arms around her delicate form. Pulling from my partner and she wanted to continue dancing.
      “What is wrong?” She asked.
      “I am taking up too much of your dance time.”
It was strange, but in the dream I was not myself, ordinarily I would insult her.
      “Thank you kind Sir may your stay be good,” she said.
      “As long as I catch sight of you it will be.”

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