Bulling in Stripy Land



A moral story, about doing the right thing.

Stripy land is a very stripy place but sometimes the people of stripy land forget to be stripy.
Today I’m going to tell you about James and Desiree. They both go to stripy primary school. Now they have been friends since they were in stripy kinder garden.

But one day James started to play jokes on Desiree.

“That is not very stripy James.” Desiree would say.

James would laugh and run away. Desiree told her mom what he did, which mom replied “He is just playing.”

The jokes got worse; in fact they got so bad that they made Desiree not want to be James’s friend anymore.
Then James had the thought of hiding everybody’s readers, he was sent to the principle.

James had to say sorry to the whole class. He was good for a week, and then he started to be mean again.

On Monday at lunch time he tripped Desiree up, and she fell into her lunch.

On Tuesday he pushed Desiree into a puddle, which made her all wet.

On Wednesday James pulled on her pony tail which made Desiree cry.

On Thursday James started to call Desiree names which James had to spend time in the corner.

On Friday Desiree with her friends made up their minds to confront James about his bulling.

James didn’t know why he was picking on Desiree and everyone else, Desiree stepped forward and said to James.

“If you want friends you better start being stripy.”

Then with her friends she walked away. James made the slow walk home, he thought about what Desiree said. He didn’t want to have no friends.

On Monday James went up to a group of kids and asked to play but they said “No”. All day no one would sit next to him in class and no one sat with him at lunch. When it came to playtime no one wanted to play with him, he felt very lonely.

On Tuesday the same thing happened but this time Desiree seen how unhappy he was she went up to him.

“Would you like to play a game with us?”

James smiled and said “Really?”

“Yes.” Desiree said with a smile. As James was running around with Desiree and the other kids he thought being stripy was much better than being a bully.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Ps treat everyone like you would treat one self

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