Delhi, as they say is a place where hearts and arts meet.

Referring to this context, a series of cultural diversities can be experienced if you take a stroll on the winding roads. Monuments and heritage buildings welcome you with open arms, round the corners of this city’s age old memories. The foods may serve as a culinary treat for the travelers, and the night life is not as happening as it seems to be. The place where metro cuts through the heart of the city, serving maximum population of commuters, helping them out with an easy viable route, avoiding the busy schedules of life during the peak hours.
The hippie markets, attracts a lot of foreigners to spend their money shopping hand-looms and crafty items. But, still at the end of the day, the question remains the same, “Is it safe and secure?” which might leave a slight doubt in the heads of the one who have seen the reality in the streets.

Amidst the varieties of religions getting their proper refuge in this Capital city, we get to enjoy the servings of proper dishes with its distinguishable aroma. The temperature of course can play a huge role, in selecting your type of proper diet.

The colorful fashions light up the streets even during the day, with illuminating desires. People here, have a different progressive, bridge of style consciousness that bears its own reflection. Of course, personality to carry on with it also engages in a very important role according to the roles each character plays. Summers are different with bright hues and winters are bold enough to carry with it a restless vogue of extravaganza.

Some of the heritage areas are renowned for maintaining its cultural traditionalist approach that mainly reflects in and around the areas of visit. But still, this is one such place where you can realize the reality that history has to show to its faithful devotees and followers who aim to receive more in terms of visual context.

The reality is often a veil to what the heart achieves to see.

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