Journals of a Psychopath



Another peek into my novel.

The Isolation Chamber

I was daydreaming on the fact she would stun me in pure white silk-lace.
      “I am her Knight and I have courage for my shield, honor for the Timber Figures and the Darkest-One,” I sang.
Smithson stroked the robe, in our mind, the blood seeped into the garment. Slumbering and whilst I slept, Smithson whittled a piece of timber, the shavings from the small piece of wood curled, and swirled to the floor. Rousing, he showed the carving to me, and it depicted Lady Flarice aggrandize in the raiment.
      “I will paint the surround pure white.”
      “Thank you it is an accurate picture.”
I was not humoring him the carving really was good. Smithson grabbed the brush and he tinted the edge, she was arrayed in the dark-green gown.


Rheanna returned to rehab, she acclimatized quickly, and she talked with the other inmates.
Caldwell was concerned for his girl, but I was inwardly gladdened. Rheanna deemed herself the queen of the unit and she widened her lips a good deal too often. They considered Rhea stupid, an easy target, indeed Rhea revealed her information to the residents concerning her agreeable fortune. I visited Rhea.
      “She will be so easy to take down.”
I heard the clients whisper, noting the sneers of the patrons behind Rheanna’s back, trouble gathered, Rhea was playing a risky game of I have everything, and you own nothing. Many of them occupied an undersized dingy room and shared a restroom. Rheanna was in the best, her credentials out of reach to the people she mixed with. She had a man and pots of cash she was unaware of the antagonism she fostered.
      “She is not the same as us,” one girl said.
Later in the day, Caldwell dialed.
      “Rhea has been jumped on in the access strip and a rib has punctured her lung, Rhea’s arm is broken, I should have booked her into a private clinic.”
      “It is a bit late for that look what has happened to her.”
Caldwell's voice sounded choked I was sure he was repressing the tears.
      “I will see you in a bit,” I said.
      “Please hurry,” Caldwell replied.

The Hospital

Appearing insignificant and Rhea groaned in a sterile bed. I tramped from her, as they pushed Rheanna to theatre to sort the collapsed lung, and to insert a pin in her arm. Rhea shouted, but I rebuffed her. Caldwell accompanied her to the elevator and then he lurched over.
      “You are a bastard you should soothe my girl.”
      “Oh please can you really see me consoling Rhea?”
Caldwell scratched his stubbly chin.
      “No I suppose not,” he replied.





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