I guess that package is being air lifted,

Why do you say that,

Turn around,

The man in the corduroy overalls turned just in time to see the mail man deliver a part he had been waiting for Via a box with a tiny parachute.

Tony, "here are those kits you asked for"

Shades, check

Helmet, checK


Don't forget  your bag..

and give your Old Man a hug, I will see you back here at 3.

Tony went to the launch pad where the airport/house was, strapped his weather proof attaché to his back, spread his wings, and dropped down into the current. As he left for school 

. As he weaved in and out of the other islands. The world of a half-man and half bird finding more than just his way to school.  He also found that if he took the time to appreciate the clouds and the other people if the world he lived in. 

As unique as he was, he felt as though he was different, he was a part of something bigger .

His fear, his love and his joy were expressed through his ability's as an individual. 


(Side note: the lack of description is to move the story along)



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