Journals of a Psychopath



Clarkson and Smithson the terror bringers.


Hungering to entertain the Trees and the Darkest-One, I noticed the woman, she was stately, her silvery-blonde hair was straight her face somewhat attractive. Impeccable ears beautified her. The woman’s mammary glands undersized peaks of firm flesh and she smelled of sweet perfume. She glanced at her cell several times. Stepping outside, she waited to wave down a cab. I dashed to the Buick and I followed. The taxi let her out, she reached the door, and she fumbled for her keys, she dropped the door openers.
      “You let them slip through your fingers.”
She swiveled around.

The Isolation Chamber

Smithson was enthralled and Lady Flarice visibly jumped when I hurled the prey on the floor.
      “What is your name?”
       “Alexia my friends address me as Alex.”
      “We will call you Alexia we are not your friends.”
      “Why have you abducted me?” She sobbed.
      “You will soon discover why in due course.”
Alexia’s attention strayed to the Lady Flarice embellished in her gown and the silver crown accentuating her glorious ears Alexia was puzzled.


Acquainted with the places, which Rheanna frequented, Jessie explained where we might find her. Trooping into the car, Elaina sat in the rear seat, and Smithson was in the front. Jessie Bormann shuffled to the back next to Elaina.

The Coffee Cup

The clerk Arlene was surprised when we showed her a photograph of Rhea she recognized her.
      “I have seen that woman.”
Arlene was shapely and young her breasts medium in size, Arlene’s nipples poked from the Tabard.
       “We should search the neighborhood,” Smithson said.
      “That is obvious.”
Elaina and Jessie sojourned in the Coffee Cup, I was furious with Rheanna I saw red I vowed to get Jolenson back. Promising to inform us if Rhea returned and Caldwell sounded guilty, he put the phone down. The district was noisy, the sound of dogs barking, babies weeping, an ideal location to hide.

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