Sky in the Stars, Part 12



Skylar is cast away from the battle, alone in the endless void of space.

29 September 2931

Current Location Unknown

Sigma 5 Space


Skylar floated in space, unconscious and into a nameless void. Space… what a terrible place to get stranded… lost. Her eyes slowly opened, and as she floated into the unbound darkness her heart began to beat with a rushed tempo that she’d never felt before. She realized where she was… what kind of situation she was in. She screamed for anyone… something to save her as her eyes watered in fear.

Nothing would take her from this awful fate. She knew now that her air would soon be gone. She would die… missing… alone.

She began to conserve her air, breathing as minimally as possible as she was trained to prolong her life as long as she could. The power to her suit was beginning to dwindle. She only had the camera feed which stared into the emptiness before her.

This… is it? It’s over? This is the end? Is that it?

She brought up her gloved hands to view. She knew her once small and dainty hands had become tested and weathered from a simple decision she made on Earth. Again, she looked into space, the galaxies and stars abound.

I feel so… small…

Skylar felt frail… weak. The strong and bold façade wore off in the grand scheme of the universe. She was insignificant. She began to tremble. Her lips began to quiver. And she would cry out.

Why do I feel so…

She had no way of telling how much air she had left… only that she’d slowly suffocate when the time came. Time was beginning to slow. Every second was worth counting… not a moment wasted. She wondered if she would she’d drift forever. No one would know where she was… or how she died. She wondered what would happen if her body was ever discovered and how people would react, and wonder the untold story of Skylar Connor.  Then again, they’d never know her name. What a terrible fate.

Skylar, in all her distress, became light-headed. The stars were beginning to dim.

Why this? Why such a slow death? Why do I have to wait?

The camera feed cut off. It was black in her helmet. No lights. Nothing. Still, she felt she could see the stars. And now, she felt like the comets she made wishes upon as a child… flying across the celestial beauty that seemed much less scary from the ground.

I wish…

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