Journals of a Psychopath



This novel is packed with interesting situations and the chacters are engaging, once picked up it is hard to put down.

The Gas Station

Farren joined our team, we joked, she showed us what a good sport she could be, and Farren fitted in as one of the lads. More business came Perry's way, when some men heard we had hired a female- mechanic. They filed into the Pit Stop and hoped to find out if the new girl was attractive. Interested in me Farren was a dim girl she did not sense the aura.
      “How are you doing, lesbian?” I asked.
Farren was working on an old truck, to find out Farren’s reaction, I hauled my body from the dugout, her face was red the gape severe.
      “I am watching you,” she said.
Farren stepped back, when she saw my fists bunch. Rushing to Farren’s gawky body, I jabbed her in the ribs. Interfering, Harry wrenched Farren away. Sweeping through my body and the currents of rage, ascended and descended. Penetrating the work-zone, Rhea appeared baffled.
      “What happened?”
      “Ask your sick boyfriend, he has a way with women, I noticed he does not treat you very well either,” Farren said.
Rubbing her sore ribs, Farren watched, as Rhea's eyes rested on her. Rheanna rushed over to Farren, she hugged her; Farren winced. I wished Rheanna would mind her business.
      “Come with me to Riley’s Clarkson.”
Reaching Riley’s, Rheanna rushed to the bar and purchased the drinks.
      “What is wrong?” Rhea asked, when she returned.
I told her a complete fabrication.

Karen’s house

The shiny doorknocker reflected the afternoon sun. Boldly passing through the door, after she opened it, the oak door was just sizeable enough to house my sturdy frame. Coming to me with respect in her eyes, Karen explained how he broke into her home. Festooned in a robe and a mask, the rapist’s blue eyes were fanatical. Attacking, he raped her ass violently her muffled sobs could be heard.
“Revenge is sweet,” he said.
Pressing her throat with his thumbs, he deprived Karen of air. Performing a dance, he uplifted his arms, and shuffled.
      “It is outrageous,” I said.
Appearing involved with Karen’s pain proved difficult, Karen presented as drawn and pale.
Chafing her face, she began to weep, throughout the tale the Narrator rasped. Karen drank steadily, I was confident in my mind, if Karen imbibed enough, she would allow me in her pants. In the soft bed, I tugged her nightdress, I was striving to feel Karen’s ass-hole, but she removed my hand.
      “I need to see it!” I said.
      “I do not want you to.”
I turned her over, powered the light, examining Karen’s rear, she protested, but I disparaged her objection, I gasped. Touching it with my fingertip, Karen moaned, the pressure in my manhood intense, I ejaculated, and I made her come.
      “Stop it reminds me of him the rapist he did it the same as that.”
I climaxed.

The Doctor

Behind her shiny desk, Maeve clutched a pointed letter opener. Maeve presented drab clothes, the curls on her head brown and untidy. Her flat chest was evident and no effort to disguise the small circles of flesh was made. A grey silk shirt seemed loose around Maeve’s breasts. I stared at her chest.
      “How are you?” she asked.
Flipping between her fingers, the paper knife glinted. Maeve waited for the reply, and she was impatient.
      “I am passable.”
      “Have you experienced any more episodes?”
      “No, but I cannot sleep.”
Maeve looked concerned.
      “It is essential you remain calm, your malaise decreases with rest.”
Awarding me a script for sleeping tablets, the doctor smiled. Hastening to the drugstore, I handed in the script. The pharmacist's head appeared over the partition.
       “Here we are,” he said.
Watching me out of the corner of his eye and he smiled at the next customer.


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