Sneak Peak of "The Lost Treasures": Book One



This is an all exclusive Sneak Peak into my first book, "The Lost Treasures". Like what you see? Go to my website and find out more about this new upcoming book series, The Lost Treasures. The web address is down below.

They were finally on their way. Priscilla, not knowing how or why, couldn't contain her excitement. She would constantly bug John with the question of the century of, "Are we there yet" just to get under his skin. Priscilla loved acting like a kid, especially around friends and family because she was so comfortable around them. Everyone else around her thinks that she does it because she is immature. But, her intentions are purely reasonable and were because of a personal matter.
John knew that she was just joking around with him. He has been around her for so long that he knows when she is happy, sad, or in any other kind of mood. However, he would wonder sometimes why Priscilla acts like a kid so much and wondered if she was ever going to move past this "phase" as he described it to himself. He then would get rid of that bad thought of his, try to figure out what exactly could have even made him think that thought, and then get a huge migraine from all of the thinking that would have just transpired inside his head. John was a mess.
As Claire was driving, she looked in the rear view mirror to see what John and Priscilla were up to. John had his face buried into a book nose deep with intriguing desire, while Priscilla was taking selfies and looking up her latest post on her social media accounts. She was relieved to see that they were pre-occupied with their usual distractions. So, she decided to pull out her phone and start to text her boss. As she was texting her boss, Priscilla looked up from texting one of her friends and noticed that Claire was texting someone. She couldn't see the message, but she did see the name of the contact and saw that it said "Boss". She wondered where she had seen or heard that word from. Then, it clicked. It must had been the same boss that she was talking to on the phone a couple of nights ago that she overheard. As it was clicking in her head, Claire was finishing up the text and put the phone back into one of the cup holders. Priscilla didn't want Claire to know that she saw her texting. So, she quickly got back to her phone and stared into the screen long enough to trick Claire into thinking that she saw that Priscilla had any clue of what was going on around her. Claire looked into the rear view window, smiled, and looked forward to focus on the road once again.
A few minutes had passed by and Claire looked down at the dashboard of her vehicle as something caught the attention of her eye. She noticed that her gas tank was only fifteen miles away from being empty, which would of stranded them on the side of the road, leaving them wide open to anything to happen to them. Anyone to catch them and kidnap them. Fear came upon her face as she didn't want to be on the side of the road and not be susceptible to that situation and end up being late to their destination. It was critical that they were not late for this one.
14, 13, 12, 11. The miles counting down and her worry growing. She rolled down the windows in the vehicle hoping that by doing that they will gain an extra mile or so to be able to find somewhere to fill up before running out of gas... and time. The car started to make random noises, and it definitely got the attention of both John and Priscilla who were in the back seat trying to make sure that nothing of theirs would fly out of the vehicle and be lost forever. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6. The panic now more prominent than ever on Claire's face. She couldn't afford to be stranded on the side of the road. None of them could.
5, 4, 3, 2. At this point, Claire was running out of options... and time. She started to run through a list of different training methods that was taught to her by the company she works with. Wait, why and what training does she have exactly? The gas tank now showed 1 mile of gas left in the vehicle. Grabbing her phone, she looked to see what John and Priscilla were doing and if they were paying attention to the situation. When she saw they weren't, Claire remembered something. There's an emergency transport app on her phone that was given to her by the company she works for on the phone that they gave her. Claire pressed the button and it sent them to the closest gas station there was without losing any gas. It was in the middle of the hill country surrounded by ranches and barns all around. John and Priscilla looked up from their distractions, John still with his face in the book and Priscilla being focused solely on the phone in her hand, and were shocked to see that they had made it to a gas station before the car stopped working.
"How did we end up here, mom," John questioned. He seemed a little confused and petrified, as did Priscilla. Fear and worry struck her face and body as she looked up and saw exactly what John saw, a gas station that wasn't even twenty miles from where they were. The thought of Claire being some kind of wizard or magician crossed her mind. "Yeah, how did we end up here," Priscilla asked as she was trying to process what she just saw. Both John & Priscilla were scared to see civilization after just being in the hill country not even ten seconds ago. In an attempt to keep the events that just occurred a secret to them both, Claire put her phone in her pocket and came up with something to make them not question what just happened. "What yall didn't see was... that... um... I turned onto this road off of the highway and well, I found this gas station with just one tick left on the tank, thank goodness," said Claire. She looked at the two of them, hoping for a sign of approval. John, being the trusting person that he is, was fully convinced by that story. Priscilla, however, gave a face of approval, but knew something else was going on that she wasn't telling them. She didn't know what, but she had a feeling that something bad was about to happen.
Claire then faced forward, gave a sigh of relief while still feeling guilty for having to lie to the both of them, handed the credit card to John and asked him to fill up the vehicle. John didn't really want to, so Claire got out and filled up the vehicle herself. While she was pumping gas, Priscilla was having a conflict with herself on whether or not to tell John what she has heard and seen from her mother, especially with what is going on with her "boss". When Priscilla finally decided to tell John, Claire flung the door wide open, jumped in the vehicle, slammed the door shut, and quickly started the car. "You ok, mom," questioned John. Claire quickly responded with a hurried answer of, "Yeah I am. I just realized though that i'm late for that stop that I have to make on our way to the destination". She adjusted the rear view mirror, looked in it for a few seconds, and then panicked. Priscilla then turned around and saw a whole bunch of black SUV's pull into the gas station parking lot one by one, with all of them heading straight for them. "Mrs. Davidson???", asked Priscilla with worry out the door. Claire put the vehicle in drive and told the both of them, "Hold on everyone. This is gonna get rough". She floored the gas pedal and they were off.
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