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On July 1, 2016 I decided to geek out by writing down my future predictions for Game of Thrones since my mind was still reeling days after watching it's June 26 season finale. To be honest I typed with a bit of smugness just knowing I was on point with each GoT character that popped into my head. That is until I arrived to my favorite character, Lord Varys. Varys' story unraveled so easily in my head, however, halfway through my first sentence I stopped typing and stared at the computer screen. It wasn't writer's block. I didn't blank or forget the Lord Varys' study & summary that was still swimming around in my head. It was self reflection. Before that moment I just knew I had it all figured out. Before that moment I was both arrogant and naive. Below is the geek rant I started on July 1 along with a brief follow up written today. I'll leave it up to the reader to take from it what they will.




"A senseless Game of Thrones theory rant from yet another person who says, "why read the books when HBO is doing such a sweet, sweet job of layin' it out for me?" A Song of Ice and Fire is the title of the book. What makes a good song is melody, however, what makes a great song is the addition of harmony. Harmony supports melody therefore together they bring balance. Ice and Fire I can only presume stands for Jon SNOW along with his WHITE rescue dog and his being from the NORTH that he's "Ice" while Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of DRAGONS that spit hot FIRE is, well, "Fire." It would only make sense that both Jon and Daenerys would rule together and restore balance back to the entire world.

As for Bran Stark my theory is at some point he's going to embody Drogon, the black dragon, either periodically or indefinitely.

Tyrion Lannister will continue as the Queen's Hand and council and form a bond with one of the other smaller dragons, whichever one that isn't the cool black dragon.

At some point there will be sympathy for Cersei Lannister before she dies.

Lord Varys will finally understand the truth behind his childhood mutilation and realize it was an unfortunate yet necessary sacrifice in order for him to have the focus and dedication needed...


(07/2016/07) playing his part for the future restoration of balance and equality for all of Westeros. Following his moment of self observation Varys will unhinge his secret box, forgiving the old withered sorcerer by finally releasing him which simultaneously liberates Lord Varys' mind and spirit from his well buried, decades old, harbored vengeance and in turn allowing him to accept peace with both himself, the world, and his role in it."

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