Journals of a Psychopath



Another peek into my novel.

Kruger Engineering

Groaning with the weight, the tree bore me, the snow from the branches plunged to the dirt, and my fingers pained me they were so chilled.
Lady Flarice was in the warm office and I scanned the windows for Steadman. Picking up the conversation via the earpiece, he had resigned, his colleagues, and Lady Flarice wondered why?


Coming in and Elaina tried to change my mind about the baby, she was in a persuasive mood.
      “I need this baby please can we keep it?”
I realized it would be a gain to own a female child.
       “We are having a baby and it is a girl,” I said.
Thanking me with her clear gray eyes and then Elaina's silence formed into a phrase.
      “I have longed for a daughter how do you know it is a girl?”
      “It is an insight of mine.”
Elaina’s eyes gained warmth. Harry banged his mug on the radiator and laughed, Chad joined in. Perry was stern, he clomped down the stairway, and Harry grinned.
      “What is up with you Harry?” He asked.
      “I am shocked Clarkson is having a baby.”
Rheanna stormed in.
      “I am Clarkson's girlfriend.”
Rheanna was ready to fight with Elaina and she grabbed her shirt, Elaina stopped Rhea.
      “You are too tight to fight,” Harry said.
Elaina tenderly and deftly relocated from Rheanna’s drunken grasp Elaina was displaying compassion.
      “Please come with me?” Elaina asked.
      “Why should I go with you?”
      “You can talk with someone who knows the misery Clarkson can inflict.”
Rheanna accepted Elaina's offer. Threading away and Rheanna glanced, I comprehended that she was with Elaina to keep an eye on my antics.

The Woodlander Warriors and the Darkest-One

A sensation of foreboding swamped me, I tramped the frozen cold earth, and when I arrived, it was, as if the Trees and the Archangel were on a dais, the Woodlander Warriors gigantic and appeared elevated.
      “The Darkest-One has informed us concerning your obedience and we are enchanted by your submission to our deity.”
The Presenter implored that I realign forward, I listened wondrously to words the Trees and the Archangel said.
      “I will obey your orders and be true.”
Having respect for the Idols, I remained venerate, and broadening my arms to the Divinity of my choice, the moment augmented. The Purifiers and the Darkest-One oozed sympathy and I knew I should trust them, the Deities the only ones to believe in me apart from Smithson.
      “We will make it up to you,” the Wooden Forms and the Archangel said.
I was anticipating the recompense, but I knew it would take years before they dispensed the true reward.

The Haven

Calling the Lady Flarice's name, I rotated and yowled. A shadow appeared at the window.
      “It is me,” Smithson said.
I was primarily apprehensive, but I was relieved, when I realized it was my son. Striding through the door, he was tall and menacing. His boots were covered with icy-flakes.
      “We will go to the segregation cell,” I said.
      “Whatever you think best father.”
He was obedient in all matters and I had trained him to abide by my law from a young boy, he adhered to all instructions.
      “Father I am buzzing about the Lady Flarice's agony.”
      “It will all be in good time son.”
Smithson laughed, it corresponded to a cackle, and yelping, Smithson massaged his hands, his eyes glazed. The black-angels stared they were in the recess, their wings fluttered. The room became colder and the draught from those flying aids whizzed to us. Smithson danced with the black-angels and the sight was amazing. Falling on my knees, I worshiped the Trees, and they chanted. Smithson grabbed me and twirled me around, I was happy to join in, what a spectacle we produced! All too soon, the black-angels left us, and Smithson ceased.
      “Father I am invigorated,” he said.

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