Ascend from the Ashes: #1 The Search for Freedom



Freedom is no more. Mankind slaves to their brutal masters, their daily lives filled with terror, brutality. No one alive now knowing that freedom ever existed. Only some were fighting back. Fighters that knew of freedom, wanting to help the world Ascend from the Ashes

When Parvaz Mourad, a young slave, stepped into a fight to save a women he had never met from being beaten to death in the street he found himself incarcerated for five hundred years. Those that sentenced him to prison choosing to punish him further by forcing him to watch as his wife and young daughter were raped, brutalised and tortured before being slaughtered.

All that he cared for, all that he loved, gone. His heart now filled with vengeance towards those that controlled him. Those that had butchered his loved ones. His mind set on finding the person that gave the order to take his family from him. His need for vengeance controlling his mind, almost to the point of insanity.

Parvaz knows he can not achieve his goal on his own, desperate to seek those that are rumoured to live free in the high mountains. A place of freedom that many believed exist, many hope exist. A land that offers freedom to those who search for it, to those who find it. A place where free people are fighting against the slavery of mankind.

An ever growing band of fighters who continue to follow in their ancestors footsteps, fighting against those that enslaved mankind. Warriors fighting for freedom in the hope that, one day, the world can Ascend from the Ashes.

Can Parvaz survive the Search for Freedom? Can he find the rumoured Free lands? or will his need for vengeance finally take his mind?

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