The Chair (Part 1)



Jack has had a rough life. He looks back to see what has brought him to this point.

Have a nice nap, Jacky. Mommy needs to get things done,” Jack’s mother placed him in his crib. Even though the two year-old was tired. He fought sleep. He wanted to play. She laid him on to the mattress. She leaned over and gently kissed his forehead. “Sweet dreams my little one.” She turned and pulled the curtains closed. The room became dark. He could hear her tip toe out of the room.

This was the earliest memory the Jack Summer had, and he hated it. She always left him on his own whenever she wanted to do her own thing. He can remember being in the dark throughout his early years. The only thing that changed as he grew was that she eventually started sending him to bed on his own as soon as he could walk. It became worse as he started hearing knocks on the door each night, yet each night it was a different voice.

These memories rushed through his head as the 65 year old man sat waiting. He had nothing better to do at this point but to look back at the life that had brought him to this point.

Early on, Jack had realized that he would be responsible for what would become of him. His father was in and out of jail. His mother found men to keep her company during dear old dad’s stints. At first Jack tried hard to excel at school. Near the end of elementary school, he caught two teachers talking about him when they thought the classroom was empty. He hunkered down behind the bookcase where he had caught the class pet after it had escaped. The teachers spoke about how Jack would never amount to anything. They questioned whether the teachers should start a pool to guess when he would first end up in juvenile hall. The anger grew inside of him. He no longer thought about being studious. His hands closed into tight fists. Jack wanted to throw something, anything at those who were supposed to nurture his growth. The rage grew to a point that he could no longer hear them speaking. His breathing had become audible. The teachers came around the bookcase to find Jack standing there with bloody hands. He unknowingly broke the neck of the hamster.

The pool for the teachers never had a chance to start. They called the police that day and had them come talk to Jack about animal cruelty. While he didn’t end up being charged, it did start his relationship with the local constabulary. From that point on Jack had only to look sideways at an officer to be dragged in and questioned. Students started to learn early on that they could get away with theft, vandalism, and other petty crimes if they left something behind that pointed towards Jack. Around seventh grade, when he was arrested for breaking into the local pharmacy, his mother informed him that the only reason he would be allowed to stay in the house is because the law demanded it. She let him know that the day, no minute, he turned 18, he would be out the door. Knowing that he would have to support himself from that day on, Jack decided to start committing the crimes of which so many had already accused him. Eventually school was something he only attended when the police dropped him off. Others headed down the wrong path started to follow Jack. He made his mother happy by moving out well ahead of his 18th birthday.


Part 2


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